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Change of Name After Acquiring national ID.

Hello comrades, I will like to seek your help on this platform as I find myself wanting. I used my new surname to register for my account after I...

1 Jan 3, 2018

Need explanations please

I want to ask whether am I part of this community or not because when I post a problem here nobody assist or provide solutions to my problem. For a...

4 Jan 2, 2018

Loan application 4th time

Happy new...this is my fourth time applying for my loan without been funded.I have been advised to work on my on time repayments,which I promise t...

3 Jan 2, 2018

Loan Not Funded

Hello guys? This is the second time I am posting my loan. The first time it was funded up to 38% this time round it's 26% funded with just four day...

4 Jan 2, 2018

loan Application pending review by Zidisha Staff.

Please l applied for my second loan for about a month now and l was having 14 days for my loan to be fully funded. It was left with a day for its e...

2 Jan 2, 2018

This is my fourth time

This my Fourth time l have apply a loan but still not funded .Still my percentage is 0 my on time payment rate is 99 percent .Please Why

2 Jan 1, 2018

Members Loan Fund Refund

How do I go about requesting for MLF and deactivate account.

5 Jan 1, 2018


can new members join using their passports??? apart from id.since passports also serves as id

1 Jan 1, 2018

My next credit limit.

My next credit limit has reduced with a huge amount from GHS5385 to GHS4345. Please, may I know why?

1 Dec 31, 2017

Amount consideration error

Please help me on the way forward, I applied for an amount equal to my limit but only ksh.1000 was considered and disburse, I repaid it immediately...

8 Dec 31, 2017

second look at pending review

I really appreciated the good works our lenders and the Zidisha team is doing to support the individuals in their various communities.All the new ...

1 Dec 31, 2017

New member

Please forgive his help. How do you do the loan ?? I input the photo pd when work activity kok in reject hehe

3 Dec 31, 2017


i can see my loan is fully funded but it says that it has expired/ How do i go about it?

4 Dec 31, 2017

How long did my loan application will approved

Please how long did my loan application will be approved by zidisha staff. It has been two days l post my loan application but still pending

5 Dec 31, 2017

Not funding , need guide on 5th loan

Dear zidisha and lenders, this is the 3rd proposal on the 5th loan which is very hard to fund. It is unfortunate for a good business opportunity b...

6 Dec 31, 2017

Credit limit reduction not pleasing

I had been paying my loan regurlaly and got to 92% on time repayment. Unfortunately Zidisha came with an issue that I had two accounts and reduced ...

1 Dec 30, 2017

credit limit reduction

My credit limit has reduced drastically but I don't understand why. Since I started zidisha I have been paying ontime. Support ticket option is no...

1 Dec 30, 2017