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how to apply for the next loan

i applied for the first loan which i repaid now i want to apply for the second one

1 Dec 11

Credit risk payment reversal to borrower

Hello there,am Gedion kiprotich Zidisha foever,i believe it, I request a bit explanation about credit risk payment,somewhere in the forum i r...

9 Dec 11


My loan

1 Dec 11


Hello I am Monicah from Nairobi Kenya, i have a loan of 8524 ksh which i was loaned on 06-12-2015 though i had qulifyed for 22000ksh,I have alrea...

3 Dec 11

Applying for Loan

My next loan hasn't reflected into my mobile Money account yet.

1 Dec 11

Error -Loan repayment schedule

Hi, I requested for 135 ghs and after all expense deductions I received only 109 ghs. But its indicated on my dashboard that after all deductions a...

1 Dec 11

Loan denial

Hi I have been a constant borrower with your app but I have started getting complications. The app tells me that I have made to many transactions y...

1 Dec 10


Dear Zidisha, Is it fair for a borrower to be expected to start loan repayment even though he has not received the disbursed loan?

1 Dec 10


Please how many days or weeks is the risk fee refunded back to your mobile wallet. Have paid three risk fees but non as been refunded to my mobile ...

1 Dec 10


Hello Sir, please I'm Abubakari Musah. I would like to know if repayment can be done a day after taking the loan

1 Dec 10


Please why is it so frustrating when you want to repay your loan? I'm getting bored because my system isn't responding to my command and my loan...

1 Dec 10

Refund of credit risk deducted

Please Zidisha, I. Will like a refund of the 15% credit risk deducted from my previous loan. Per your rules after a successful repayment of a loan ...

1 Dec 10

Loan not funded but it has been espeired.

Please am Asante Dennis. I applied a loan on 25th November 2018 the loan was not approved but it has been a espeired. I have tried it 3 times alway...

1 Dec 10

I Want to become volunteer Mentor

Please I would be happy if I can be a volunteer mentor. Thank you

3 Dec 10

Couldn't make payment through paypal

I really appreciate when zidisha accept payments through bank transfer, buy since it only accept payment through PayPal, I found a problem which I ...

3 Dec 10

No money in my phone

Hi Zidisha I applied for a loan more than 3 weeks ago and up to now I have not received money from zidisha How does one ask for repayment whi...

1 Dec 10

how to get a loan

hello i need to apply a loan how will i go about it

1 Dec 10

Extremely low limit

Hi team, while I appreciate the constant email reminders to raise my next loan, the limit is absurdly low. A limit of 101kshs translates to less th...

1 Dec 10