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Technical error on my VM's page

Hello team zidisha.I have a small problem regarding my settings on the Volunteer Mentor Settings page.Below is what I experience... It reads " "Y...

2 Jul 14

Loan not disbursed since 3rd June 2019

Please my loan has not been disbursed since 3rd June 2019 when it was fully funded. I need your help. I have always been consistent with my pay...

17 Jul 14

Risk money,

Thanks for the update,but I wish i can get more money so that when the risk money is deducted.i will be able to make the target.how does is go when...

1 Jul 14

My card number

Please today is the day I will start paying my loan but it asking me of my card number and expiration number, can you please help me to get it to p...

1 Jul 14

Unable to apply for a loan

Why applying for a loan on the app, the zidisha app request I should pay a one time premium membership fee of 3000 which I did , but still they are...

1 Jul 14


I mistakenly did a blander when registering because of keypads error. I am Sarah not Susan. How do i rectify that?

1 Jul 14

Dashboard Issues

My loan was disbursed about four days ago and sent into my Bank account but up to this moment, my dashboard is still showing that the system is yet...

1 Jul 14

Awaiting disbursement

Iam being told to report an amount I never recieved

1 Jul 14

Membership Fee

Why am I being asked to pay membership fee yet I was referred/invited?

1 Jul 14

Loan application botton not displaying

Hello Team, Please note that the loan application botton is not displaying for me to apply for a loan for days now. I will appreciate if it i...

1 Jul 14


Am not seeing repayment button why

1 Jul 14

Credit Limit

Hello, sometime back I requested a refund of money which I had deposited in the members loan fund and it was refunded to me. Since then I have been...

1 Jul 14

Risk money

I want to know more about the risk money.i applied for the loan of 6000 but I got less money will h did not help me alot because I didn't have enou...

3 Jul 13

Awaiting Disbursement

First and foremost, Zidisha is not bank which I am aware of, but it has come to help a lot of people and I am soo excited to be part of the lucky o...

20 Jul 12

Premium membership fee Not validated

I've paid for the one time membership fees of 1500 but loan not granted, they are still asking me to pay another money again. Please what is happen...

3 Jul 12

Credit Limit decrease

Why is my credit limit decreasing even after I have been repaying in time?

2 Jul 12


My Premium Membership fee not yet refunded

1 Jul 12

Pay button not showing

My name is salami segun peter, my pay button is not showing i don't know why?

1 Jul 12