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How does one know his cumulative money held by Zidisha.

From the director's posts, MLF, Credit Risk and Expediting fees are all refundable. MLF was abolished but the other two are still on and credit ris...

13 Jun 18

Loan expiring before being fully funded

Greetings to all for the great service's .pls I have been posting my loan for funding since last year but not founded. But I currently check today...

8 Jun 16

Volunteer mentor

I am interested with becoming a volunteer mentor. How should I go about it? Kindly assist.

2 Jun 14

Credit risk payment reversal to borrower

Hello there,am Gedion kiprotich Zidisha foever,i believe it, I request a bit explanation about credit risk payment,somewhere in the forum i r...

7 Jun 14

timely repayment increase

I was told if my loan is repayed by 11 june I will get a timely repayment increase, of 3000 but I was never given one after I paid my loan before...

25 Jun 14

Referal Program

How my friend can use this new idea from zidisha team? Please explain us.

1 Jun 13

On-time repayment scores

Because Fitri and Joost have been talking about on-time repayment scores and how to calculate them, here's an example of how it works: Mimin's o...

41 Jun 13

How to Change Photos

Good Night if our profile photo can be changed if we have submitted loan proposal? do we have to wait for our loan proposal to expire if we want to...

1 Jun 13

Am I supposed to pay my before its funded

I applied for a loan and got a message that it has been fully funded,I have not gotten any fund yet and the loan installment is due tomorrow. Kindl...

6 Jun 13

my limit credit

introduce me name ajiji salsiah origin sukamakmur bogor I want to ask about my credit limit in zidisha I had been late for months because of the ...

3 Jun 13

Change of Primary Phone number

Hi guys, I need some help in changing my primary phone number, the one that I have been receiving loans and repaying them with. Is there a way to d...

10 Jun 12