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Credit limite

Please I have made payment of 3,000 and I'm yet to get to next level please what is the matter

1 Dec 15


my credit limit has been drastically reduced after promised there will be an increase on early clearance again one full installment of ksh 2500 bee...

1 Dec 15

Technical error

Am unable to complete my loan application in step no. 4.am told that an error occurred.

1 Dec 15

account deletion

I would like to permanently delete my account from Zidisha or is there a way I can do it by myself.

1 Dec 15

My loan not credited to my account.

I made payment of loan amount of 15 GHS from my account number 0541256975. After payment it has not been credited to my my account or shown on m...

1 Dec 15

My bank details not accepted

My loan is funded fully but when I try to complete my bank details, it tells me " error, the account number is not recognize " please what should I...

1 Dec 15

Application for loan

I applied for a loan which is not coming. I'm being asked to expedite the funding of the loan, which I'm not ready to do. So does that mean I would...

1 Dec 15

Loan disbursed but not received

My loan was disbursed into my bank account but I have not received it since 1 week ago and am to pay it today please what should I do now.

1 Dec 14


How can the system reduce the number of loan defaultors

4 Dec 14


Hello Everyone. Please am new into d system.. I registered and went for the premium membership upgrade and the sum of 100 was created immediately i...

1 Dec 14

Error with bank details

I am a new memeber..was told to provide my bank and account number for disbursement but the keep saying error

1 Dec 14

Good Evening.

Sorry they ask me to put my number for the loan after i did that they told me ... YOU HAVE NO PENDING APPROVALS

1 Dec 14

Fully funded loan expired

Hi, my loan was fully funded with six (6) more days to go. I accepted the loan and now am told it has expired. What could have gone wrong?

26 Dec 14

credit limit

when ijoined zidisha my limit was increasing good becouse ihave been repaying on time but on my loan 3 there was abig problem from101 to 112 why an...

1 Dec 14


I had a loan of KSh 53 232 from 22nd April 2016 which was to be repaid until 19th Jun 2022. However, I managed to repay the whole amount by end of ...

2 Dec 14

my account not credited

my issue has not been addressed for the third week now.I repaid using a different number and posted my complain to Zidisha but nothing has been don...

1 Dec 14


What's the reason of deducting expedition fee if the lender still delays to reimburse the loan,will the borrower be refunded the expedition fee?

2 Dec 14