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how do I write to my lenders to thank them for loans

I have received loans and I want to contact my lenders to let them know about my growth and experience with the loan.

3 Dec 17

Technical error

Hae.am using tecno s1 and I have been using it without any difficulty.when applying loan I can't go beyond step4.it says there is an error. am on v...

1 Dec 16

Loan delay

I request for the loan but I have not received

1 Dec 16


Assist me how to connect with other borrowers across the globe.I don not see phone numbers or e-mails.Let me also know what premium membership is a...

1 Dec 16

Thank you.

I borrowed my first loan of $5 and has since repaid all my loan, although it is not yet reflecting on my account that I repaid. But I know that it ...

1 Dec 16


My loan was approved since last 3 weeks but not in my account I don't know why

7 Dec 16

Loan disbursed

Loan disbursed but not received it

5 Dec 16

My fund

The volunteer number that not work? So one how long will it take to give me the loan.

2 Dec 16


how do i pay up my loan

1 Dec 16

Premium membership

Pls how do I upgrade to premium membership? Cos I can't seem to find any link to that effect. I have already taken upto 10 loans in the past.

1 Dec 16

Difficulty in choosing a bank for disbursement

Hi please my loan has been fully funded but I can't find my bank/branch in the list of banks for disbursement. When I select Mobile Money option to...

1 Dec 16

Repayment difficulties

Please, I find it difficult do repayment due to new procedures. Help me out.

1 Dec 16

Use my fund to repay my loan

Please Zidisha i want to use my fund to repay my loan

1 Dec 16

Bank details

Please am Oppng Damoah, I applied a new loan this morning 16 December 2018 when I get to the confirmation side the only option there is I should en...

1 Dec 16

My credit limit

Please my credit limit has been changed after I finish making full payment. I am to pay 68gh for 99gh and everything has changed 68gh for 65gh whi...

1 Dec 15

loan not aproved

please what does available fund and risk criteria mean? Does it mean i have to reduce my loan request to in order to meet your criteria and have av...

1 Dec 15


Please do help me how I can make payment, because I have downloaded the app when I was ask to. When I decided to make payment through my account, I...

1 Dec 15

bank details not accepted

My loan was approved and I was asked to put the account details that I want the money to be disbursed to. When I do it and click on accept loan, a ...

10 Dec 15

technical errors

Instead of the “pay now” button on my dashboard, they are rather saying my last loan has application has expired. But I haven’t paid the last loan ...

1 Dec 15