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Loan application fails to proceed

Hello! I have been writing my loan proposal but at the point of uploading a picture of myself working, the system refuses to continue. Please help...

1 Dec 28

About the risk fee

Please lenders kindly do something about the risk fee it seems to me they they are high and is it possible for you refund my membership fee to me.

1 Dec 28

Payment not credited to my account

I paid my loan amount of the 184 but it didn't reflect to my account and I emailed the zidisha team and they wrote to me to call MTN for reversal b...

1 Dec 28

How to reduce risk fee on my loan.

Looking at my last loan, I was charge a thousand plus as a risk fee on a loan of 10,000 Naira pus. For how many time can I take loan in other to r...

2 Dec 28

Getting error when registering my account

Dear sir, i am getting error when trying to apply for a loan, please i need your help. Thanks

1 Dec 28

can't edit my account number

please zidisha, a wrong account is displaced on my dashboard for disbursement of my loan but it is being difficult to edit the bank code.

1 Dec 28

Can't make payment

I have been trying to pay off my loan for sometime now but the system always sends me error message that I should raise a ticket for assistance. ...

1 Dec 28


It's now 6days my loan is not yet been disbursed in my account.what could be the problem?

1 Dec 28

Loan repayment

Please my lenders am having difficulty in loan repayment, what do I do

1 Dec 28

Loan disbursement

My loan was fully funded on 19th December 2018 and until now it has not been disbursed to my phone.

1 Dec 28

Cannot send payment

Hello my lenders,am trying to send my repayment but it is not going through.I downloaded zidisha app as was advised to do but it is not allowing me...

8 Dec 28

Loan Approval

Hi Zidisha, thanks for the support thus far. I repaid my loan before the due date but it is sad I can't get another loan. Please help.

1 Dec 27

Payment not reflected

I have my full loan an amount of Ghs 11 but it have not shown on my dashboard why

1 Dec 27

technical error

At the final completion of my loan , when I sumbit the proposal it will be complaining an. Error occurred try again later, and if continue send ...

1 Dec 27

Good evening,

Hi, please I am issues paying back my loan since on the 25th of this month and it keeps saying "We are sorry your payment could not be completed. I...

1 Dec 27

New Loan

Am a volunteer Mentor but I never new it will get to a time that I can't apply for a loan because some assigned members have defaulted in repayment...

1 Dec 27

Invite Not Yet Accepted After Accepted And Registered

I sent an invite to my friend, who later registered with the email address, but on my invites list, it still says, !Invite Not Yet Accepted." I ...

1 Dec 27

Loan Repayment

Hi can i start paying little by little because my customers up to now have not been communicating,and that worries me,pliz advise

1 Dec 27