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Pls I want to know if I want you to refund my MLF adding my on time payment bonus and mentorship bonus . pls is this possible?

3 Jan 11

Zidisha loans

I am confused. Several times I make loans in zidisha. It"s almost 5 times I borrowed .. But just this bln. Rejection and others. I beg for my curre...

4 Jan 11

Error in my account

I was recently refered here by my friend and my starting loan is kshs. 10 equivalent to $ 0.1. I think this is a technical error pls rectify it fo...

1 Jan 11

Zidisha account reviews

I would really wish to know the motive behind reviewing of Zidisha accounts. my account was reviewed just a fortnight ago when I applied for a loa...

1 Jan 11

Loan cancellation

Hi Paul Graham, how long does it take to approve a cancelled loan that is 90% funded under MLF since it's my first time.i real wish to apply anothe...

1 Jan 11


I wanted to invite a friends how much can they get as they first loan?

1 Jan 11

[email protected]

Please stop my loan payment because I'm not interested any more

10 Jan 10

Loan disbursement not received

Please my loan disbursement has not been received. Team Zidisha should help .

3 Jan 10

loan funded but not disburse more than three weeks

Hello my dear zidisha team my loan is fully funded more than three weeks but not disburse and i really pleading with you to help out this situati...

3 Jan 10

Unable to make new loan application

Hey! Zidisha team am unable to apply for a new loan after fully repaying my previous loan.

6 Jan 10

Support ticket

l don't have a support ticket how can l get it please, l really need for my MLF refund

3 Jan 10

Can't change photo profile

Please help me, why my photo profile has not changed. In profile I have used the latest photo. However, in the comment field still use old photos. ...

3 Jan 10

Loan Funding

Hi, I would like to ask if there is a loan funding issue or delays, I recently raised a new loan that only received 3% funding and the loan expi...

2 Jan 10


Hi, zidisha team? I'm requesting to expedite my loan which I'm eagerly waiting to put it in use immediately after its successfully funded, I'm re...

2 Jan 10

Members pending approval

My loan has funded three time and each time the loan expire i am told that i wait zidisha team to approve it .It takes about five day to be approve...

4 Jan 10

loan funding

I thank you all the Zidisha Team. My loan has been fully funded.

11 Jan 10

Members pending approval

I am not a new member,I applied second loan for about three time each time the loan expires they tell me to wait approval why don't they approve on...

1 Jan 10


Please why is it that my loan application for which l have made more than two times is not funded , yet i think i have made all that is needed .

10 Jan 10