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Hi,I once read that the credit risk payments that one pay is refundable, can you please assist me with that information and on how someone is refun...

2 Jun 29


Please I find it difficult to change my profile picture using the "the edit profile" menu. Please can someone help me how to change it.

3 Jun 28


Please why is it that my loan always expires and it not been fully funded? Now it 10% and it have not move an inch.8 months now it always expired,m...

2 Jun 28

On time repayment rate

I have noted that of late every time I pay my loan I get a confirmation from zidisha in a day or two. That's not the problem though. My concern is ...

2 Jun 28

how can i be a Volunteer Mentor

how can i be a Volunteer Mentor. And how can I find one I don't no how this works I need help.

2 Jun 27

Loan crediting

You approved my loan and still not credited to my account what is the matter now am waiting please

2 Jun 27

Payment not yet received

Hallo, i made payments but since then it has not been credited to my account, here are the payment messages, MFN04JM5EQ Confirmed. Ksh84.00 sent ...

2 Jun 27

loan limit

How do I known my limit?

2 Jun 27

Support ticket

Hi. Kindly advise me on how to create a support ticket. Thanks.

2 Jun 27

On Time Repayment Status

Good morning house. Hope all are fine. Please my concern is that I just logged on to my account now and I realize my on time repayment bonus has d...

3 Jun 26