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I repay my loan but it's not showing on my dashboard

Why is it that after repayment of my loan it is still not showing on my dashboard?

1 Dec 20

loan decine

Please my lenders, you are given me 100 trustworthy people to invite to apply for loan.the moments you denied them access to the next loan.can you ...

1 Dec 20

Credit Risk Fee

hi, I borrowed 112, you deduct 22/= as credit risk fee, I receive 80/=,do you refund me the 22/= when I fully repay my loan ?

1 Dec 20

Zidisha not receiving cash from Kenya

Hello Purity, I have used the 'PAY KES NOW; in which my loan payment went to a different account. I have tried it today it is the same. Kindly rect...

8 Dec 20

Wrong information on loan given

The amount am to pay is more that what i was given .my credit limit is at kes 59000 while else you claim am supposed to pay back kes 100000

1 Dec 20

loan repayment

i have tried to pay the loan using the new methods but any time i try they say i do not have enough money to complete the transaction how does the ...

1 Dec 20


Dear Zidisha team, I have severally notify you that you haven't credited into my account for the past a month. You are still sending me an email th...

1 Dec 20

loan could not be completed

I am applying for the loan and it not could not be completed i have been going all the step when i come to publish it refuses, what is the problem ...

1 Dec 20


Hi guys, I have been repaying my loans on credit risks and my total credit risk amounts are adding up to KES 872. When my credit risk fee reaches a...

1 Dec 20

What can i do to receive higher loan amount.

Good day, I received loan of 100, from your company, I taught is going to be 100,000. My question is this. What can I do to received higher loan am...

1 Dec 20

Uploading Photos For New Loan Propasals

ihave tried severally but its says uploading error what could be wrong ,also ihave tryied via facebook my profile changes but trying to borrow also...

2 Dec 19

Loan repayment

Hae guys the transaction fee of repaying the from the app is very expensive compared to using mpesa pay bill no. Please restore the paybill service.

1 Dec 19

cash disbursement

I already forwarded your money back to you with your mpesa pay bill and still no reply only that I haven't paid and I forwarded back the money. and...

2 Dec 19

Difficulties of repayments

I want to pay my weekly instalment but the app is not responding, please help.

1 Dec 19

Dashboard not showing where to request loan

I'm a volunteer mentor, I cleared my loan but I'm unable to request for another one. I'm being told to contact my mentees with errears before reque...

7 Dec 19