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Credit limit reduced

My credit limit was reduced by 500kshs after waiting for approval from zidisha team,i applied for a loan again and stil cant understand if its view...

1 Jan 6

current credit limit changing

just last two days my current credit limit was 2,902 Ghana cedis which was the addition of (repayment bonus=198) + ( base credit limit=2,329) + ( v...

12 Jan 6

pending disbursement more than three weeks

i am VM in Ghana and my loan is fully funded more thank three weeks but still on pending disbursement and other borrowers complained to me the rea...

1 Jan 6

pending disbursement more than three weeks

my loan is fully funded more than three week but yet not disbursed and i want to know the reason.Thank you

1 Jan 6

Try Re Loan for 4th time on my 5th loan

This is my fourth proposal on the 5th loan. I tried to borrow again but had to wait for the review again. Whether to resubmit should be reviewed a...

4 Jan 6

loan funding

One day before my loan [email protected]%.. .Hopefully it will be fully funded

18 Jan 5

Loan Disbursement

I got my loan funded on the 22/11/2017. I accepted the loan that same day. It's been two weeks now and I have not received payment of the money yet...

1 Jan 5

Current credit limit

Please how is the calculate our current credit limit done. On my page all along my repayment period, my credit limit was ghc 2770 and my early rep...

5 Jan 5

Membership loan fund

when I was applying for my loan, I was asked to pay additional membership fund in oder to get an increase in my loan amount. if I had accepted it. ...

2 Jan 5

Name change on ID after my marriage and its verification

Hello Comrades, i have a peculiar problem that makes it difficult for Zidisha team to accept verification of my ID card. i registered for the Id ...

1 Jan 5


Its my 6th times my loan expired before funding I have tried applying despite my desperate need of the money. I have followed all instructions from...

9 Jan 5

Partial funding

Am suggesting to lenders to always come together and fund a loan fully before moving to another. Partial loans which turn to expire brings problems...

1 Jan 5

Credit limit reduced.

Kindly help me understand what has happened with my account, I have never missed to repay my loan on time. My timely repayment is currently at 100%...

3 Jan 5


How much MLF should I pay to receive 40,000 Ghana cedis loan?

2 Jan 5

funding challenges

Nine days for my fourth loan to expire, yet no single lender attending to it. Businesses are dying and more challenges to face during schools reope...

1 Jan 5

The loan is 2 weeks pending

Hi ... zidisha, please explain my loan already 2 weeks more pending review staff zidisha. How long will this review process take? I have been payin...

11 Jan 5