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base credit limit.

i have noted some decrease in base credit limit on my credit limits. nothing has changed on my side in that i have maintained a timely repayment an...

4 Aug 5

Help Me Complete My Next Loan Application

Waiting for that long period, the system now allowed me this morning to reapply my next loan. My credit limit reduced from about GHS 3400 to GHS 29...

1 Aug 5

Can't understand what is happening at Zidisha

Today Saturday, before I submit my loan application, the message I had was "sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found" Then I went b...

13 Aug 4

Reduction in credit limit

I have been paying on time why has my credit limit reduced

1 Aug 4

credit limit does not increase

Hi , I have been very efficient in paying my loan to a completion even before the days of the loan expires, the credit limit was increasing at fir...

2 Aug 4

Adjust Payment Buttom

Please why is the adjust payment button not working anymore?

3 Aug 3

Guidance on how Zidisha works

This comment has been removed.

3 Aug 2

Loan Repayment

Hi Zidisha Is there a way in which one repays loan monthly instead of weekly? I prefer Monthly. Thank You Gideon Borrower

2 Aug 2

Base credit limit decreased

Hi zidisha team hope you are doing well, I am concerned on how my base credit limit decrease after completing my previous loan hence maintaining 95...

1 Aug 2

Brilliant Zidisha support Team

I couldn't hesitate to echo the support that we are getting from Zidisha and lenders widely. We need to be more patient and try to know how this pl...

2 Aug 1

Re: Loan expediting

I am writing this to confirm what happened I didn't choose my loan to expedited, what happened you expedited my loan. Please review that and remove...

1 Aug 1