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No Disbursement

I need help my loan got fully funded three to four weeks ago to date not yet disbursed why.What has gone will beloved Zidisha?Your advise will be h...

2 Feb 16

loan not disbursed even after expedition

Kindly,did apply for a loan of Ksh 16000,which was approved.Then requested the loan to expedited where ksh more than 1200 was deducted.Even after 4...

2 Feb 16

review my account

We regret to inform you that your Zidisha account has been closed, because we have discovered that your account was involved in inaccurate informat...

7 Feb 15

Can can someone assist me

I pay my full loan before due date using a different line 0722637490 Transaction ID: NB98QH3KAW. When I enter this ID in the help section your ap...

4 Feb 15

My loan has not been approved for funding

Hello please I tried applied for a loan but it has not been funded. This what I received (your loan application is pending review by Zidisha st...

1 Feb 15

Why are u do this to me,

My membership money is with u, my risk fee also with u, u decided not to borrow me money again, u are behave like 419, if u did not loan me, I hand...

1 Feb 15

loan limit

Hi zidisha this is almost my 5th borrowing period as well as one-time repayment but still experience some dismal changes like $0.27 as my loan incr...

1 Feb 15

Lower credit limit now than previous loan

In January 2019 when apply for a loan from Zidisha, my credit limit was $75 after receiving the loan, I was told if i'm able to repay my loan befor...

2 Feb 15