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Update on CRB

How loan does one take to update on CRB once a loan is repaid.

5 Jun 19

Loan funded not disbursed

Have you managed to resolve this issue of pending disbursement its been three weeks now. If not cancel the loan kindly

2 Jun 19

Crb clearance

Hi I repaid my loan a week ago but you have not updated my account with CRB transunion, I am kindly requesting for batch number to follow up with ...

2 Jun 19


I relayed my loan on 26 may but you have not communicated the same with the CRB

1 Jun 19

Credit Risk and MLFs deduction

I understand that credit Risks and MLFs amounts that were deducted before dec 16th 2018 are refundable. The option is not active at my help button ...

1 Jun 19


Kes 22 was sent to me . Now zidisha want me to pay 1022 or else they list me onto CRB. I am no longer interested in this loan. Kindly calculate ...

1 Jun 19

Loan disbursement

You keep telling me to pay for a loan which was not sent to me,I applied but didn't receive it from you.

1 Jun 19

Loan repayment

It's two weeks since I relayed ua loan but my account is still in default status

1 Jun 19


My Loan was disbursed on May 15, 2019, I don't understand when they say "Complete repayment of your loan between Aug 8 and Sep 8, and receive an ex...

2 Jun 18


i paid my loan on time but my credit limit remains the same.

3 Jun 18

refund / request to exit from membership

loan membership why can you be asking me to pay for loan and when i told you to deduct from my loan balance the amount you deducted from me as lo...

1 Jun 18

Credit risk deduction

I applied for a loan and noted that there is a credit risk fee to be deducted from a loan . The issue is am I not supposed to choose from the opt...

4 Jun 18

My loan payment has not been credited in my account

On 06/06/2019 i made a payment of 1583 to my account 0710288662 through my other no 0742476091..I have been waiting and still no updates..Mpesa cod...

1 Jun 18

Premium membership

Dear Zidisha team, after I push in ZMW 95 how much will be the first amount I'll be eligible to borrow? I've been a user and I pay back my loans...

1 Jun 18

Pending Disbursement

Tomorrow is the 14th and last day and i have not received my funded loan. What is wrong? why should my loan not be disbursed after it has been fund...

11 Jun 18


Hello, Please help, I have been trying to repay my loan even before due date up till now no success, when I put my OTP, this is the message I get...

2 Jun 18

loan not funded

I applied for a loan and when i was approved,instead of seeing that i have been approved for loan disbursments,what i saw is that my volunteer ment...

1 Jun 17


I paid your loan and you emailed me that they have updated my CRB records with tranunion but when I contact transunion am still listed, Send me bat...

1 Jun 17