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my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

8 Aug 19


My calculation on credit risk fund has not been done corectly it is too high than normal given 10% but have reflected above 50% on the initial loa...

2 Aug 19


If I repay my loan before the repayment time is due,Does this reduce the amount I am suppose to get for my next loan from zidisha lenders.The reas...

2 Aug 19


I sent money to your paybill wrongly kindly reverse it to me

2 Aug 19

MLF Refund

How long does it take for zidisha to respond to MLF refund payments? I need mine to solve pressing issue. Thank you.

4 Aug 19

Change of Volunteer Mentor

Please l want my volunteer mentor to be changed because l have been trying to reach her on mobile phone since day one l posted my loan and her phon...

2 Aug 19

How zidisha works.

Just open on your browser, fill in all registration details then you are right there towards your first loan application. Great job...

1 Aug 19

Refund of CRP

How many times am I going to apply for refund before it is acted on . It's exhausting .

7 Aug 19

Loan disbursement

Mr Dave my loan is still pending disbursement what is the problem?

3 Aug 19

Waiting for a review, and always rejected.

I want to ask, Why have my comments been reviewed and often rejected, do I have to stop being a volunteer advisor? Even though I contacted all my m...

3 Aug 19

i need help

Hello guys i can't apply for a second. I got this message. We're sorry, your loan application was not approved. You are welcome to try again later ...

7 Aug 19

time for review of loans

This is another noted issue of late as after people post their loan, it takes time for Zidisha team to review and post it funding . This is not a g...

5 Aug 17

On-time membership fee.

Hello Dave, Please educate me on this new development. One time membership fee. I just applied for a new loan, I saw this, which has reduced ...

6 Aug 17

Loan application

I would like to apply for a new loan but i can not find anywhere to do so. Please help out.

2 Aug 16