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Loan issue

About my current loan, u only send me 800 but am supposed to repay 9300, how about that extra, what is catering for

2 Feb 13

The thread "Eligibility" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

2 Feb 13

Loan repaymemt not credited and paid twice

Hallo Zidisha. I have repaid my loan of Kshs 12 twice 1st on 15th October 2018 and again on 11th Feb 2019. I received reponse from Zidisha st...

1 Feb 13


Dear Borrowers, (especially Kenya/Mpesa users) When you decide to make payment for Loan Repayment, kindly DO NOT use your relatives or friends' PHO...

4 Feb 12

My loan

I have not received my loan since yesterday of 1000 shilling which am supposed to pay 1067 within three weeks

4 Feb 12

Credit Risk Refund

How can I apply for my credit risk fees?

1 Feb 12

Loan Pending disbursement

Dear Zidisha, my loan was fully funded yesterday and I could not receive because it was more daily limit amount to receive . I have therefore edi...

3 Feb 12

Loan not funded

I was approved for loan an hour ago and I was told that loan will disbursed in my mpesa account,why haven't I received the loan.??

2 Feb 12

Loan Risbursement

I applied for a loan and It was successfully completed...the reply I got was that the funds will be disbursed to me but till now 24 hours since I ...

1 Feb 12

My loan was less than expected

My loan was Short by GHC 10 . What should I do?

1 Feb 12

Loan limit

What can one do with a loan of kshs.50 it is too small to start thinking of a business strategy

1 Feb 12

Invitees loan not approved

Please I want to know why some of my invitees loan has not been approved on several occasions. They do not have volunteer mentors to help them out ...

1 Feb 12

Pending process

I requested a loan yesterday and it is still pending approval. What is the cause?

1 Feb 12

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