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Engaging lenders

Please l am creating a new proposal and l reached where they ask me to take a photo of myself and what l am using the loan for and l did but l can'...

2 Apr 21

Unjust deductions from my account

Good day, I am unhappy because you have deducted money unjustly from my account and yet my dashboard still shows I am owing Zidisha. I was to pa...

10 Apr 21

How do I make payments

How do I make payments with a different mobile number which I used in registration. My number I used in registration is not active again.

1 Apr 21

my limit

Please, my next limit is the same with what I refund, why?

2 Apr 21

Withdrawal of 1000 membership fee

I have repaid back my first loan . ?Can I withdraw my 1000 membership fee? Then how do I go about it?

3 Apr 21

my credit limit remained unchanged

my credit limit remained unchanged for third term am still going to pay credit risk of #10,000 thrice he doesn't worth it Have paid back my loan...

2 Apr 21

Loan repayment

I borrowed loan 3days ago it is possible to repay and borrow another one since my instalment is two weeks

7 Apr 21

Request for another loan

Hi, I requested for a loan, which I received and paid back, yet am unable to borrow again. The dashboard displays, create new loan proposal'. Kin...

3 Apr 21

Refund for cash sent to Zidisha paybill erroneously

How can I get a refund for cash sent to Zidisha Mpesa paybill by mistake.

2 Apr 21

Invite bonus

Hello @Julia i want to invite my 10 family members to join zidisha.i will be given bonus how can i withdraw bonus given.to my M-pesa account

1 Apr 21

Loan not funded

My loan has been approved for over 6 days now but my loan has not been funded by lenders. What should I do?

1 Apr 21


My loan was fully funded 5 days back but my volunteer mentor Simon omuteku has never confirmed it..

1 Apr 21

loan not disbursed but fullyfunded

hi zidisha my loan has not been disbursed for the past 3 days.you claim that my safaricom line is not valid.please note that this is my no 07289693...

1 Apr 21

premier membership fee

I have repaid my loan but now I cannot make the next loan proposal before I pay the premier membership fee, because I don't have the Money now. Kin...

1 Apr 21

Loan Still Pending Zisidisha staff Review

I was made to understand that my loan application is still pending review by Zidisha staff, and once it's approved, it will be available for lender...

1 Apr 21

Loan request

Why can't I borrow 493 that am qualified for. The app keeps telling me to pay 1000 registration fee which was not the case before.

1 Apr 21

Loan request

Hallo, I'm not able to register my loan proposal. I keep getting the message that I click on the link sent to my email address yet there's no link ...

1 Apr 21

Unable to create a loan proposal

Hi, Term I paid the one time membership fee, but am still getting the same things, 2weeks and some days. Can anyone help me please. "Loan Appli...

1 Apr 21

Shift in credit limits.

My credit limit keeps on shifting, is that the way it's supposed to be!!?

8 Apr 19

Confirm e-mail error

Please I want to create loan proposal but I have been ask to confirm my e- mail and any time I click on the link in my mail it tell me error which ...

2 Apr 19

раскрутка сайтов цена