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I made my premium membership fee of $10 but upto now it has not reflected in my account. Kindly help on how this problem is going to be solved

2 Oct 17

Risk Fee

Dear zidisha Team. I want to know, is the credit risk fees deducted anytime loan is applied? Whether 2nd or 3rd loan. Please educate small on that ...

5 Oct 17


I borrowed Ksh. 4100 but i was promised to get Ksh.2870 after deduction of Ksh. 205 service fee and 1025 Credit Risk fee! Kindly help me to unders...

1 Oct 17

loan information

hello please, I should have been joined by using the referral code to take higher loan for my business, but I did not now they are giving me a cre...

1 Oct 17

Credit risk

I what to known as to whether the credit risk is refundable as the MLF as when you have no outstanding loan balance?

3 Oct 17


Good morning. I paid my loan back yesterday even though the loan I got did not hit my account. At what point is someone supposed to pay the one tim...

3 Oct 16

Loan accesskin

Kindly help me get a loan please Thanks

1 Oct 16

Loan access

Kindly help me understand what's going on. I've no been able to access the loan for the last two months This is the message I've been getting on ...

1 Oct 16


Please help me out.One of my invites account is block because mof this technical error.his name is Isaac Frimpong Manson . please visit his profit ...

1 Oct 16

Expired loans

I am writing on behalf of my assign members who complained to me recently about their loans that have been expired merely few days after posting fo...

14 Oct 16

Loan Limit

Hello Zidisha am trying to apply loan but am not seeing exactly the amount am qualified? What exactly can i do ?

1 Oct 16

Second loan application

How do i apply and submit for my second loan because i can't see the submit option.

8 Oct 16

раскрутка сайтов цена