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Received less than I expected

Hi ZIDISHA, first am grateful for how far I have gone through your help. Second I would humbly like to know whether risk payment should be deducted...

7 Dec 11

Received loan propasal apply loan expire on sport

This is what I get We're sorry, your loan application was not approved. Since available lending funds and approval criteria may change in the futur...

16 Dec 11

Repayment Problems

Hello Zidisha. Pardon me if you think this should go to support but is very urgent and I can't wait for a reply in three days time. THE payment I d...

4 Dec 11

Getting error when registering my account

Dear management, I hive all information about my bank, account name and my account number correctly, but is still asking me to provide my bank info...

2 Dec 11

full loan disburnted

i have borrow 941 but i want it in full not in half please sent the loan in full

1 Dec 11

Get in touch

Please how to I get in touch with the one when lend me the loan?

1 Dec 11

Loan failure

Why are u not giving me aloan yet i am through with the previous loan

1 Dec 11

Disbursement not received

Hello Zidisha team The loan i took has not been disbursed yet I have received messages informing me of disbursement of the loan into my account. T...

1 Dec 11

Maintaining credit limit

When you are told to "hold the current loan until at least January 12, 2019" in order to gain an increase in credit limit; what does it mean? Espec...

1 Dec 11

Further explanations

Please Mr Dave, can you please use your good offices to explain to me why my previous loan I applied was 12% funded with 100% on - time payment, ab...

21 Dec 11

I can’t get the premium options to upgrade

Hello I have been on the basic platform borrow small loans I wanted to pay to upgrade the premium but I can’t see the options I only saw the pay fo...

1 Dec 11

how to apply for the next loan

i applied for the first loan which i repaid now i want to apply for the second one

1 Dec 11


My loan was approved since last 3 weeks but not in my account I don't know why

1 Dec 11

Credit risk payment reversal to borrower

Hello there,am Gedion kiprotich Zidisha foever,i believe it, I request a bit explanation about credit risk payment,somewhere in the forum i r...

9 Dec 11


My loan

1 Dec 11


Hello I am Monicah from Nairobi Kenya, i have a loan of 8524 ksh which i was loaned on 06-12-2015 though i had qulifyed for 22000ksh,I have alrea...

3 Dec 11

Applying for Loan

My next loan hasn't reflected into my mobile Money account yet.

1 Dec 11

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