How do I create and edit a campaign?

You can set up a campaign page in just a few minutes! Customize our template in a few easy steps, or create your own.

You can choose:

  • Your fundraising goal
  • Your campaign end date
  • The name of your campaign
  • Your call to action
  • Your campaign image (or use one of ours)

Once your campaign is created, you can edit anything you like, whenever you like, via the Edit button in the campaign page.

What happens when people donate?

Visitors to your campaign page can make donations via the "Donate" buttons. If they are not already a Zidisha member, we'll create a donation lending account to distribute their donation.

If they wish, your donors may use their account to choose the entrepreneurs that will receive their donations. Otherwise, we'll distribute the donations to fundraising projects within 24 - 48 hours.

Will any fee be deducted?

100% of the donations to your campaign will go to loan projects. To keep things simple for your campaign donors, there is no payment transaction fee or option to donate to Zidisha's operating costs.

What happens when the loans my donors fund are repaid?

Repayments of your donors' loans will be credited to their accounts. Your donors may use the Relending Preferences page of their account to hold repayments for manual lending if they wish. Otherwise, we will continue to recycle the repayments to fund new loan projects.

Just like with the initial donation, no credit card transaction fee or donation to Zidisha will be deducted when your donors' funds are relent. 100% of the funds will be recycled into new loans.

What information will be displayed and communicated about the donations?

We'll notify you by email when your campaign receives a new donation, so you can reach out and thank the donor.

Your campaign page will display the total amount raised, but will not display individual donation amounts.

To keep individual donation amounts private, your campaign page will not display the identity of your donors until you have at least three donors. Once your campaign has three donors, we'll display their names and photos (if provided) in the campaign page.

Are donations to my campaign tax-deductible?

If a donor who does not already have a Zidisha lending account contributes to your campaign, that contribution is a tax-deductible donation, and we will send a donation receipt to the email address they provide.

If someone who already has a non-donation Zidisha lending account makes a contribution, the contribution will be credited to their lending account and not be considered a tax-deductible donation.

Can my donors withdraw the funds when the loans are repaid?

Since we send a tax deduction receipt for campaign donations, the lending accounts created to hold the funds of your campaign donors are not withdrawable. However, your donors may continue to access their accounts and relend their contributions to new entrepreneurs of their choice for as long as they like.