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Capital for pastry business

school activities with his friends

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kegiatan disekolah bersama teman2 nya

Add more chicks to my poultry farm

My loan was recieved and I bought new checken and more poultry feed that will be used for 3 months thank you so much lenders for making my dream come through

Purchase of copy photo machine

Alhamdulillah I can complete my loan installment, thanks to the funders who have believed me, your financial aid is very useful for the progress of my business. Thanks zidisha ,, I will not avail the trust you have given me.

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Alhamdulillah saya dapat menyelesaikan angsuran pinjaman saya, terima kasih kepada para pendana yang telah percaya kepada saya, bantuan dana anda sangat berguna untuk kemajuan usaha saya. Terima kasih zidisha,, saya tidak akan sia-sia kan kepercayaan yang telah anda berikan kepada saya.

Photocopier machine for my shop

I used part of the loan to repair my half way functioning photocopier machine and the rest was used to purchase sheets of papers for making duplicates of documents and ink for making posters. Having been able to achieve has help me progress a lot in my business firm and in my family too as well. I make a daily profit of about $20 as compared to the previous ones of about $10 to $13. Upon this business venture my family is doing very well interms of education for my children because of the daily savings l make. This has also help the university students to be able to have access to their documents done right few metres away from the school.

Odong-odong yogyakarta

I am very happy now that my loan is paid off. thanks to fellow lenders and now the ornamental trains are now able to compete with other trains and furthermore I will buy fixtures such as lights and other fixtures for $ 5 - 10 to keep the train constantly updated to stay competitive with others thanks to the borrower because you I can be successful

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saya sangat senang sekarang pinjaman saya sudah lunas. terima kasih kepada rekan-rekan pemberi pinjaman dan sekarang kereta hias sekarang bisa bersaing dengan kereta lainnya dan selanjutnya tetap saya akan membeli perlengkapan seperti lampu dan perlengkapan lainnya dengan harga normal $5 - 10 agar kereta tetap terupdate terus agar tetap bisa bersaing dengan yang lainnya sekali lagi terima kasih kepada peminjam karena anda saya bisa sukses

To buy plastic furniture for school kids

Let me take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for funding me up to 33% ....With a day to go before my loan application expires, I still want to appeal to you my lenders for more help in funding my loan to the full. With this loan I will be able to buy plastic furniture to supply to kids schools, it's a profitable business. I will be able to repay the loan without difficulties. Thank you in advance and may God bless you.

Clothes production

Loans given by zidisha helps a friend in need.With your loan my business has increased and I deliver on time for my customers.

Paying school fees for my child

Hello my lenders am back a again and thank you so much for your kindness ,I purchased a sewing machine together with some small material according the loan you gave me.
The purchase made a big differance in my bussines by allowing me to employ one worker and also it helps me to serve customers well.
My earnigs has increased from how I used to earn before.
I have used the increased the profit by paying my rent and also paying my worker and my personal expesses.
My child is doing well in the school becouse I can afford now to pay his school fees and also provide him with food,I thank God so much for all this.
During the holidays I always close the shop inorder to celebrate with my family.

Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa

Am grateful to you my my lenders for previously funding, for my life and my community has benefited alot from your generosity ,for I donated sanitary towel to girls from humble background who missed school on those days.i also donated water pipes to kathita water project which is a community based.I have made significant profits out of the loans you lend me. I posted a new loan and I pray that you will fund me and enable me start "Quick customer services Mpesa and cosmetics shop".i will also restock photocopy and printing shop along with the bookshop. Thanks in advance for funding.hope to hear from you soon.

Paying for lack of school building money

Today is a blessing ... Morning delivering school children after that work till late afternoon Go to salon shop to buy salon products that have been thinned ...

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Hari ini penuh berkah...
Pagi mengantar anak sekolah setelah itu bekerja sampai sore
Lanjut ke toko perlengkapan salon untuk membeli produk salon yang sudah menipis...

Supplies for the elderly citizens at a fee

We found a small nursery to test new seedlings. The loan amount bought the seeds. We multiply the harvest by increasing seedlings. And in this way we multiply the yield. We endeavor to make prompt repayments.

Boost stock

My lenders, I'm grateful I bought lamp holders that gave me a good profit, and I ploughed back the profit to buy energy savers, now have bought 3 [email protected] a total ofb7500 which costs73.8dollars at upcountry ,I'm happy about that on other hand have my shop is well stocked and with a profit ksh15000 I'm proud of that congratulation lenders for your help!

Children"s clothing business

Thank you sir and lady who helped me to make a loan for me, and I have returned on time, to expand my business I need more loans from the lord and lady. See the benefits that I can you do not worry because I will return it on time, business clothes that my child run quite profitable

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Terimakasih tuan dan nyonya yg sudah membantu memberi pinjaman dana untuk saya,dan sudah saya kembalikan tepat waktu,u tuk mengembangkan bisnis saya saya membutuhkan pinjaman lagi dari tuan dan nyonya.melihat keuntungan yang saya dapat anda jangan khawatir karena saya akan mengembalikannya tepat waktu,bisnis baju anak yang saya jalankan cukup menguntungkan

New equipments for my washing bay

Dear lenders as promise i will re use this loan to purchase three bags of cement and pay the manson who will work for me in $4.5 and promise to repay it in time

Kids' entertainment

Thank you so much Zidisha.

This Loan will be very helpful in maintenance of my Inflators (Jumping Castles).
Two of my Jumping castles had their blowers blown up and therefore I intend to replace them at the cost of $250 per blower which will cost about $500 for two blowers. The balance of the Loan will be used for other maintenance of the two jumping castles like buying the fittings to prevent air from liking.
I once again thank you Zidisha for the gesture that you have taken to be helping us grow economically.

Buy a canon photocopier machine and desktop computers(3).

Thanks very much for your compliments and encouragement. I made it this far through your advice and guidance.

Food retail

please the loan help me in terms of buying my business goods and my phone shops zidisha has made my business to improved everyone should try zidisha

Starting a poultry farm

If there is one of the great thing am proud of, is to be a zidisha borrower member. Lenders, you have given us an opportunity to make our dreams come true. Now is up to us borrowers to utilize this chance well. Once again I am doing fine, my business is proceedings well than before and truely I have made profit. Thanks very much to you all for making me who I am right now.

Thanks (asante)

Expand snail and pig farm

Turkey birds are active. Thanks goes to zidisha and lenders for funding my loan and buying feed for them.

Digital marketing

Am super excited to inform you that I have received the loan amounting to Kenya shillings 864,which is equivalent to 8.64 USD.This has enabled me to buy 6GB data plan that will last for a month.It will help me do a lot of research to build my online business.Thank you soo much,looking forward for your continued support as i build my website and drive traffic into it.Praying that will maintain a good credit score as you assist me to my financial freedom.Once again thank,may God bless you exceedingly,abundantly above and beyond.

Stock addition

My previous loan has helped me increase my stock, I have added laptop bags sales at my shop.
My earnings has increased by 20% and that profit has help me pay school bus for my son because I have been taking him to school daily.

Homemade building bricks

I thank you my worthy lenders for the previous loan. I managed a good harvest of maize . I want to preserve then sell 80% of the harvest when demand is high

Purchasing stock of home industry shoes business supplies

I want to make my home made shoes to be better than yesterday...

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I want to make my home made shoes to be better than yesterday...

Preparation of rice harvest

Many thanks for the loan funds aziz will use this fund for the grind of rice because the harvest in the fields has been completed and now aziz very feel help when not have the funds to grind the rice that has been harvested and the rest in use for the next harvest preparation because when tandur or plant gradually thanks to his loan funds from the funder and zidisha

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Terimakasih Banyak atas dana pinjamannya aziz akan menggunakan dana ini untuk keperluan menggiling padi karena panen di sawah telah selesai dan kini aziz sangat merasa terbantu ketika tidak mempunyai dana untuk menggiling padi yang telah di panen dan sisanya di pakai untuk persiapan panen berikutnya karena saat tandur atau menanam padinya bertahap
Terimakasih atas dana pinjamannya dari pendana dan zidisha

Mbimadong farms

My yam farm

Process plastic waste to be re-use

My previous loan was fully paid, and I would like to apply for another loan through Zidisha to support my work in plastic waste processing. And hopefully what I do can be useful and can make money for many people around me.

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Peminjaman saya sebelumnya sudah lunas, dan saya ingin mengajukan pinjaman lagi melalui Zidisha untuk mendukung pekerjaan saya dalam mengolah sampah plastik. Dan semoga apa yang saya kerjakan bisa bermanfaat dan bisa menghasilkan uang untuk banyak orang disekitar saya.

Loan for expansion of my computer business

Hi Lenders, I am once again very grateful for your support. Your support for me has indeed yield a great results. I could now laugh greatly. The loan helped my business so much, business is so so good. I expressed my deep and great appreciation. God bless you. I will make you proud and I will never let you down. Glacias,Merci,Ayikoo-Thanks a lot.

Smart phone for online jobs

Hello, my lenders. Am so grateful for the just completed loan. It has assisted me to achieve my dream of having colored printing as well as passport photo taking. I have also been able to buy a laminator. Only the printer is now partially paid which i believe i will be able to complete after the next loan. My earnings have increased by 25% and this has assisted me and my family to meet our needs. I have also been able to pay form one fees for my daughter. My customers are happy to get photo , color printing, and lamination services. Please see the photos. Am very happy.

Business loan

I'm so grateful to Zidisha organisation and all the wonderful lenders for their great support.
I have been able to start office from home where I also use as a place for my academic activities.
This has improved my business and academic life as a whole.
My neighbor features a lot sporting activities and soccer is one of the predominant.

Expand snail and pig farm

The snails are doing well

Paying for lack of school building money

Fortune today ... Thanks Zidisha for his support

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Rejeki hari ini...
Terima kasih Zidisha atas dukungannya

Drugs for my pharmacy

I am happy a made profit of 90% of the money lend to me. Zidisha is really a platform for developing businesses. I will continue to be faithful and work with you. Thanks to God and lenders.

Increase stock for my food kiosk

The small house I have constructed courtesy of zidisha

Increase stock for my food kiosk

I went into construction. I have not been having a house and now have finished. This affected my business drastically. But then the construction is over and this is courtesy of zidisha.
I will therefore clear the arrears in full on 22nd for am back in business fully.
Thank you very much zidisha and my volunteer mentor Madesto Waswa who has been in contact.
Long live zidisha

Mulaliit farm

Hi,my two permanent employees are transplanting onions in a small portion of my farm.We are giving it a try because we are not sure if it will make with the climate of this place.

Mulaliit farm

Hi,my two permanent employees are transplanting onions in a small portion of my farm.We are giving it a try because we are not sure if it will make with the climate of this place.

School fees

The Pupils were able to use Boats across the the Lake (Lake Naivasha) they enjoyed as I took a lot of Pictures.

School fees

Good evening lenders, attached below are photographs I took on my trip with St. Anne's Primary School. we went to Naivasha

Bags of cement for housing project

#workinprogress. Thumbs up to Zidisha for restoring hope.

A visit at construction site on 14/07/2018 and I'm delighted to share this good news to you all.

To all lenders, please follow me on this page for quick update of my project.

Improving the quality of education

we are an early child udia educator from 2-7 years old in poor city. Our hope is that with this funding, we can follow the quality improvement program activities for educators to improve the quality of education as well as the formation of strong character as the foundation of the foundation of children in the future.

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kami adalah pendidik anak udia dini dari usia 2-7 tahun di kota malang. harapan kami adalah dengan adanya pendanaan ini, kami bisa mengikuti kegiatan program peningkatan mutu bagi pendidik agar kualitas pendidikan meningkat dan juga pembentukan karakter yang kuat sebagai landasan pondasi anak di masa mendatang .

Buy a drilling machine

Having bought a blade for a wood sawing machine in my factory now my income started to increase again last week I get 1500000 idr net profit and this week I"ve earned net income 2200000 idr Thanks for the help mr nico robin and team zidisha

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Setelah terbeli mata pisau untuk mesin gergaji kayu di pabrikku sekarang pendapatan aku mulai meningkat lagi minggu lalu aku mendapatkan laba bersih 1500000 idr dan minggu ini aku sudah mendapatkan penghasilan bersih 2200000 idr
Terimakasih atas bantuan mr nico robin dan team zidisha

Buying kilos of coffee

a security and my best friend whom i recently introduce him to zidisha,he had accompanied me to the cooparative society,everything was cool.

Buying kilos of coffee

have been to the cooparative society today.

Increase business capital

This is a photo of short-term business, riki farming lemongrass gardens and ginger then often selling vegetables sold again around the village directly to the buyer Hopefully blessing

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Ini adalah photo usaha jangka pendek,riki bertani salam sereh dan jahe kemudian sering jual beli sayuran yang dijual lagi keliling kampung langsung ke pembeli
Semoga berkah

New photocopier and additional stock

Dear Zidisha Lenders,
My previous loan was a great success. I was able to restock my cyber shop with new bags which I had posted earlier.
With the new loan Iam requesting I shall be able to add stock into the business, which will increase my cashflow in the business as well as increase in profits which I plan to do renovations later within the month.
Since last loan my I have been able to have 40% increase in sales from the new items I have stocked.

Thanks Zidisha lenders

Loan for homemade solar water-heaters

I would like take this opportunity to thank all my lenders.With your great help I have just bought 2000 liters water tank for my home made solar water heater.Long life Zidisha and my Lenders.

Pc purchases & remodeling

first loan amount IDR 10,000 I bought a coat of paint to renovate my place of business

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jumlah pinjaman pertama IDR 10.000
saya belikan koas cat untuk merenovasi tempat usaha saya

Promotional costs for tutoring business

Hello .. Thanks to the lenders. Yesterday I was able to buy a table. And because there are students who have paid lessons, I was able to pay off the loan early. And the good news, there are 5 students who signed up for the new school year that will start tomorrow. My target can get 20 new students. Start Monday tomorrow and the team will share the assignment to share brochures to promote my tutoring place.

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Halo.. Terima kasih kepada para pemberi pinjaman. Kemarin saya mampu membeli sebuah meja. Dan karena ada murid les yang sudah membayar, saya mampu melunasi pinjaman lebih awal. Dan kabar baik nya, sudah ada 5 orang murid yang mendaftar untuk tahun ajaran baru yang akan dimulai besok. Target saya bisa mendapatkan 20 orang murid baru. Mulai senin besok saya dan tim akan berbagi tugas untuk membagi brosur untuk mempromosikan tempat les saya.

Local sticker label payment

I produce local clothes with premium quality. The funds will be very helpful to me. thank you

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saya me produksi pakaian lokal dengan kualitas premium. Dana tersebut akan sangat membantu saya. terima kasih

Success together

By struggling it produces pleasure, with true earnestly achieved ... That"s what I experienced, with little capital with the help of zidisha .. I expand my business, resulting in other business ... And can add another business ... Thank you , hopefully in Indonesia even the world a lot of skill and effort, ,, with the existence of a very helpful capital of zidisha.

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Dengan berjuang maka menghasilkan kesenangan, dengan bersungguh sungguh pasti tercapai... Itu yang saya alami, dengan bermodalkan sedikit dengan bantuan zidisha.. Saya kembangkan usaha saya, sehingga menghasilkan usaha lain nya... Dan dapat menambah usaha lain...

Terima kasih ,semoga di Indonesia bahkan dunia banyak keterampilan dan usaha, ,,dengan adanya modal yang sangat membantu dari zidisha.