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Buy barbershop equipment

Dear lenders,
It has been a successful journey of baking and loan repayments. I made the last installment yesterday.
I am grateful for your support towards my passion of baking. Although I only managed to purchase an oven,baking is real fun. Learning new things and ideas everyday is very interesting. I appreciate everyone who sacrificed for me to afford an oven Asante sana-Thank you.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Haai donors, ____ Thank you for your participation on the course proposed loan of approximately Rp. 2.700.000, -. I already use the loan to purchase goods for the household, such as eating utensils, thermos, box eat etc .____ Thank you very much, greetings success always for you all. :)

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Haai para donatur,

Terimakasih atas partisipasinya atas pinjaman dana yang saja ajukan sebesar kurang lebih Rp. 2.700.000,-. Pinjaman tersebut sudah saya gunakan untuk pembelian barang-barang keperluan rumah tangga, seperti perlengkapan makan, termos, box makan dll.

Terimakasih banyak, salam sukses selalu untuk Anda semua. :)

Website redesign to accommodate more features

From my previous Loan i was able to set up my domain and site through the zidisha community , My sites has been growing and have more page views and contacts through the website 1500 page view in a month which is very great.
And i have a lot to thank the zidisha community for making it possible

Hp masjo shop renovation

The opening ceremony of the new kiosks

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Acara pembukaan kios baru

Empowering the youth

Hello dear lenders,
I can now see my dream coming to a reality.I will buy another computer and an office desk so that I can employ another jobless youth from my neighborhood.This will help me increase my profit and grow my business so that I can employ more youths.Thank you so much for lending me the money and God bless you.

Purchase of filling cabinet

This is wonderful and am so thrilled and very grateful to my lenders may God bless them.The PC that i purchased with the last loan has helped me a great deal:
1.i can communicated to my clients more easily and freely using my internet modem.
2.Save my clientele database with ease and be able to do follow ups quickly.
3.Reduced paper work as most work is done on PC and back up saved
4.Sales have increased a great deal since i dont move a lot this has saved me on transport costs because i communicate mostly on email.

School uniforms production for sale

I will use the loan to buy materials for making school uniforms. This will make me meet my orders of school uniforms and grow my business.

Increase and upgrade of equipment for my cyber cafe.

Hi Zidisha team. I am glad that, following profits made from a recent transport job out of the capital city, I am happy to report that I managed to acquire a metal gate for my land in the village, where I intend to build my house in the very near future. I intend to transport it to the village soon and hopefully put it up as I do my landscape and fencing..... here attached are the pictures of the gate. I wish all a great and succesful day.

Purchase drilling machine and materials for my workshop

I wish to thank all the lenders who have funded me my second loan may God bless you so much. The loan will be used as follows:
1. Buy a new drilling machine which will cost me Kshs.17,000 to help me when I get work to go in the field I can carry it and retain the current in the workshop as I can now hire somebody to help when the work is a lot.
2.The rest I will use to buy more material for the making of steel windows and doors for display. This will cost me roughly Kshs 15000.
3. The other amount I will but welding rods, cutting and grinding disks and paint.
This will help me in improving my life more by upkeeping my family at the same time repaying the loan. THANKS ZIDISHA TEAM

Farming and livestock

Hi lenders thank you for your continuing support May God bless you abudantaly.Have a lovely week ahead.And God be with your families.

Two computers to expand cyber cafe business

I thank you very much lenders for your good job. I bought a new computer using my first and this increased my profit by almost 15%. Am looking forward for help so that I can add more computers in my cybercafe.

Shopping materials and equipment for convection

Create funders all, I want to say many thanks for the help of funds that give to me a number of Rp 3,610,467 IDR .__ Alhamdulillah, I have been using these funds well and were very helpful my efforts .____ Yours Saya__Ary Handayani

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Buat para pendana semuanya, saya ingin mengucapkan banyak terima kasih atas bantuan dana yg di berikan kepada saya sejumlah Rp 3.610.467 IDR.
Alhamdulillah, dana tersebut telah saya gunakan dengan baik dan sangat membantu usaha saya.

Hormat Saya
Ary Handayani

Food & home goods supplies for my wholesale store

Hi my lenders I thank you all for funding my loan for me.I received1110, With this loan I will buy center Filled gum 120(5) I will buy a box of matches 60 (2)I will buy a box of indomie noodles $60 and spent the Rest on buiscute,gums,toffees, mosquito coil , inserticide spray kalypo,millo,sugar. This is going to increase the quantity of the items in my store for my customer to buy. Infact these items are demanded in my community because I'm the only one having a wholesale in the community at the store keepers go about 20 kilometers to nearby town before they get a wholesale store like my in our community so zidisha is helping me thank you all my lenders for your great support

Grow my soapmaking business

Good evening lenders, i am really grateful for the loan given. I have already paid for my tuition and also purchased the bottle packages as mentioned in the proposal. Thanks to you all

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

Hi lenders, it's onother high opportunity to say a word to you. I'm still doing well in business. The mixer machine bought by the last loan has increased my earning by sixty percent. I use the increased amount to do some farming in my little farm. In this season i want to try and do potatto farming, to add the beans and maize farming done earlier. I have archived alot together with my children who are school. They have been doing well by now. During the dry season, wild animals had been coming out of the neighbouring game reserves to fetch for food. Now the rain has started raining and there will be much vegetation minimizing the problem. We are now approaching easter holidays where we have little plans for it.

Buying car spare parts & accessories for my shop

In pictures,Me at my work station..

Purchase a popcorn machine

Hello Dear Lenders, I would like to thank my dear lenders for the loan that I ve completed.The loan helped me purchase plastic chairs which were helpful to me in my hotel business. My profits increased by $22 in week unlike before when I used to get $12.I managed to use the profits to do renovations in ta hotel.I. thank you my dear lenders & Zidisha team I really appreciate what you are doing.Best regards.


Loan to purchase a tricycle for my tilapia busines

Greetings Sefah, this is James. I am from the USA, am 71, married with 2 grown up children, Andy and Amanda. I read your story and I am very impressed with you and how you help other needy people when possible. I consider it an honor to make a loan to you to help you in your business. I am sure you have the oven by now and I pray it is working good for you. I know you are working hard to help your children have a good future, and help others too when possible. If anyone can succeed in business it is you. I have confidence in you. Well Sefah, I am sure you already know this, but you need a partner in your business, but not just any partner, I am talking about the Lord. Make the Lord your number one partner. Keep up the good work of serving others when possible. Every day I am praying for you, your family, and your business success. Take care, and keep on keeping on. Love to all and God bless. James


Poultry house construction

Hello son, this is dad. No I don't mind you calling me dad or daddy, all my other Kenya kids do. Son, I have been wondering how you, and your business are doing, and how is the family? I hope your business is doing well and getting even better. Hope the family is also doing great. I have been praying for you all every day. Son, in your last letter you said that you are working on expanding the business and I would like to know what your plans are for doing that. Are you thinking of expanding business in other nearby locations (other towns or cities)? Of course you would need another bicycle, and have to hire a trustworthy person to deliver the eggs in that location. Anyway, have you thought about having a business card to give to people and businesses to advertise your business? You would have to name the business and have your cellphone number on the card. I suppose you do keep records of your customers, their cell numbers, quantity of eggs they need, when their delivery time is, and other information you feel is important. If you have a lot of customers it can be difficult to remember every detail. Do you have a good chain and lock for your bike? Son, I know you are busy but when you have time, if possible, I would like to know a little about your family members. Would also like another photo of you. No hurry. Well son, remember I love you, take care, and keep doing your best. Dad

Solar units for homes

We at AfricaLeap are excited to see your units operating soon!
Your work is helping your community leapfrog over the obsolete technologies of the past, like centralized power stations running on oil and coal.

Vehicle for delivering chicken and eggs

No problem with water from now hence forth....thank you to all my lenders...

Vehicle for delivering chicken and eggs

The tank after installation....the happiest moment..

Vehicle for delivering chicken and eggs

My new tank been loaded for am happy for the lenders who facilitated this project!

School uniforms for my shop

Feeling blessed at my shop

Chicken inventory to supply chicken to restaurants

opened view

Chicken inventory to supply chicken to restaurants

Bought the laptop guys, a refurbished dell latitude laptop e6420

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Thank you to all my lenders, my printer came today and I have now a 3 in 1 tonor printer. I can scan, photocopy and print for less! Today I also made my first loan repayment! Thank you so much for supporting my business. Now my income will grow and my family will have better food and my daughter will get her porridge meal everyday!

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

The borehole is on the right-hand side, under the metallic winch.

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

Thanks to the Zidisha team.
Through my business profits, I have recently acquired a Ppr-pipes joining machine. Today, I got a job to install an electrical Pedrollo submersible water pump in a client's borehole, 130 feet deep. I left the client so happy and satisfied with the installation. He and his family are now off to the hard duty of pulling water every morning using a hand winch.

New varieties of fabric for dressmaking

It's been wonderful experience in my business in relation to my previous loan given to me. It had really been a tremendous experience. Thank to all my lenders for your massive contribution towards my business and livelihood. Thanks to the whole team of Zidisha. Thanks so much for your gesture of love toward this loan at this possible time. Grateful to all of you.

Loan to buy two new motorbikes to create more jobs

Hello Dancan, it is fantastic to hear that you are able to attend to your customers needs and that they are happy with the service you provide. Well done on your part!

Inventory of cosmetics

Hello to the Zidisha group. To me, Zidisha is the most trusted online microlending association I have ever come across. Keep it up.
My warm greetings.

Caranda wines and spirits-kilifi

Dear Zidisha team, it has been a good journey with you. I have concluded repaying my fourth loan.I used this to purchase a new carwash machine, i also bought some parts and serviced my car. I also used the balance to buy a new I-phone. This has been of great help indeed.
I must say that besides the loan, i have developed a culture of financial independence and discipline. Thus, going for the very priorities set before acquiring a loan.
I plan to fully fix my cab into a much more stable condition, it currently needs some parts which will cost me $200.
I plan to invest the remaining balance into the salon and barber shop by acquiring new shaving machines, stock for salon and use the balance to clear my school fees at Moi University.
Thanks Zidisha team

Purchase drilling machine and materials for my workshop

Thanks so much for the first loan i was able to Buy a second hand welding machine which will costed me $90, the rest of the loan was used to purchase material for making of steel windows and doors for display. I thank all the lenders who funded me i have increased my profits by 70%. Thanks so much

Girl's clothings for my clothline shop.

Two weeks ago, I received a loan from Zidisha. Apparently, the name "Zidisha" in Swahili means exactly what it is doing to my business: that is, it is expanding the little I had. Currently, my profits have doubled and I'm so happy to be associated with this organisation. God bless.

Overlock sewing machine

Hi Michael,
I am so excited to find my loan fully funded by this morning! You are a great blessing! It is true since Zidisha started to loan my business, I'm getting busier. My laptop bags are not available on line yet because I'm still selling on oders of around here. Would you send me your address,I will be happy to gift you one! I got two orders from some people in the USA, and I'm still not able to sell directly as they told me to wait for a travelling relative. I would really love to know how the online selling is done. It's going to be my next project. What I have on Facebook is a page that displays my work which is already bought.

Overlock sewing machine

Hi Rael,
Thanks for being such a great borrower.
I hope that the loan has benefited both you and your business.
You certainly appear to be very busy, and you obviously love what you do.
Are the laptop bags available for purchase online - through Facebook or somewhere?
All the best in the future

Marketing my drone start-up business


Extension of franchise

Installment for this week paid. Am waiting for it to reflect. I am very grateful to Zidisha for helping me improve my business. Now, I am able to support my family. My son is growing really fast. He is about to crawl. Look at him sitting. Thank God for his life.

Laptop to increase the number of jobs I can do in my freelance business

I want to appreciate the lenders so much for their support in helping me get a new Laptop. I managed to purchase one and so far things are working well for me.
I am committed to ensuring i repay on time. Here is the Laptop i bought.

Clothing for my shop

I used the money to buy this African wear for my shop

To start a grocery.

This is part of the poultry house I built with your loan.Thanks Zidisha.

Loan to expand more land for tea farming

Hi, lenders,
My loan has been funded 100% . Am very grateful indeed. I intend to add one heifer and to purchase fertilizers for my tea farm . This will greatly improve the production and consequently yield higher earnings. Once again, I'm very thankful. God bless you abundantly.

To start a grocery.

I thank Zidisha team for their support,my project is so promising.

Add beauty stock to my salon & barber shop

Dear All, thank you, thank you & thank you all of you for making my loan possible. My loan is fully funded just waiting for the funds to disbursed!

God bless you all, and once more I say thank you and I promise to update you once I buy the kits for my barber shop.

With Best Regards,



Cereals for my shop

Thank you, thank you so much for this helpful platform! This has really changed my life. As you can see in the photo below, I have experienced changes in my stock compared to the photo in my profile from when I first joined Zidisha. The Zidisha community is just so divine. May you be blessed for the immeasurable height of generosity.

Buy water tank

orphaned children that we went to visit at destiny children's home

Buy water tank

halo lenders i just want to thank all of you for the support and trust you have in me by lending me your finances to improve my business, the completed loan of 38000KES i used it in buying more stocks for the shop, last year was not a bad year for the business since i manage to open another branch along the major road of kitengela, this has made me increase number of workers from one to four i.e 2sales ladies and one machine operator.
as a family i would say that this time i managed to buy a piece of land in the rural area ,this i will either build or wait for an opportune time to resell for a better profit,i haven't decided yet.
my daughter Hope Faith is now in class seven and doing well in class since there is no strains of paying her school feel and i thank God for helping me that this time round she wasn't sent home for the fees.
at the beginning of this month, i organized a group of people and visited an orphanage just within town ,that was a wonderful experience to me realizing that i can also share with the needy,am looking forward to do more.
once again thank you lenders for your support

Expanding my retail shop

Hi lenders..
Am so happy that my loan is fully funded and i thank you so much for that. you guys are the key to my future and i really appreciate that.
this new loan will help me so much, as i will use it to boost my business.
Am working with approximate 10 sacks (90kg each) in a month and that still isn't enough considering my customer needs, and so i will add my monthly stock to be around 15 sacks or more. with this, i will have increased my monthly earnings and that will surely help me achieve more in life.
I once more that you so much for your kind contributions towards my loan.
Thank you so much and God help you.

Food kiosk

Hi to you all my lenders am very happy for your financial support you have given me..