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Making flour out of locally produced millet

Hi dear lenders.This is to inform you that I recieved the funds.I thank you so much for that kindness.As I said before I used $ 350 to increase my raw materials inventory and the. rest to pay my workers.Thank you Zidisha team too.

Purchasing,processing and selling of maize and millet

I will first of all like to thank lenders for the loan I have just completed paying. The loan help me increase my profit which I in fact re invested into my business.
Thank you once again.

Overlock sewing machine

Hallo Franmiguel,
I must begin with an apology for going silent and also not making my payments as agreed. This is because, I had to go back to school, though training on a different study all together. At the same time, my kids are growing into high school and university level. This isn't easy and even though I'm done with studies, my kids are now 3 for campus, one in high school.
Now, my writing to you is to thank you for the great help you have been, and to let you know that I'm committed to pay my loan though not at once but I began yesterday. When I'm done paying, I will not be asking for another loan, but I will forever be grateful for what you did, may God bless you.
Thank you for the patience too.

Mobile phone payment service center

Thanks Mr. Joshi my best friend! I pay the loan on a weekly basis. Its normal payments. Thanks for your concern. May God bless you wherever you are.

Kakamega county

Hi my lenders I appreciate you for your support,rilly I'm so much greatiful four your support its not easily sometimes someone to trust but may God bless you so much,I believe I will work with you,im operating my business i started this business things 2007 and I'm doing well with this business,only some view things that I'm still lacking in my stock,and I'm requesting
My members of zidisha to partner together such that I may increase my business stock and also income.

Public address equipment for our singing performances

Dear zidisha am sorry I haven't paid for long time but my business collapsed and life became really hard my record shows I have never been late paying my loan this is the first so am so sorry to all lenders but good news is am now back to my feet and I sourced some finances from friends and am back to my feet again so I already deposited some cash and I will continue paying so that I can finish the loan as soon as possible and take another one.Thanks for being patient with me.

Buying new equipment

I would like to introduce my business beauty center for beauty salon.

it will help me to expand and expense my newly business.

Dear lender, this one goes to you and your beloved family. I really appreciate your lending hand for me and other an ordinary people Whose you never knew and yet you trust.
thumbs up my boss

New printing machines and tuition for phd program

dear lenders

I am so thankful for standing with me for the last 4 years. At first it wasn't easy, because I was running my business while i was in school. when i got the last loan, i had a fee balance of kshs 87600. i took kshs 50,000 from the loan and added the rest from the business savings, paid all the fee balance. the balance( kshs 37600) i was able to increase the stock which enabled me to raise the rest of the fee for the remaining time of my schooling. I finished my master's degree last year. i am so proud of your support. this year have started another business of printing and stationery services next to a new constructed medical training campus and its doing so well. this far I would say, if it was not for your support I don't know i would have done this much. my new printing and stationery business, need two extra two printing machines. this is because the new campus population has grown and am losing most of my customers because only one machine is working. I have registered for my PhD program in Kenyatta university and am trusting that with the two businesses i will be able to raise more cash for fees and upkeep your support this time will do great work in my business as well in my PhD program. thank you all

Bespoke tailoring

thank you so much for reaching out to me, the money will be used to increase my business .

Maize farming


Many thanks for lending me again. As I say always, I will do my part and give you updates always.


Fuel for transportation of solar products to wholesalers

Thank you lenders for your help. Will pay it off soon.


My business is going on well I do appreciate your support

Buying and selling of satellite equipments

have received an amount of Ghs 368 today after all the deduction fee. Thank you very much Zidisha and and my lender hope our relationship will grow and be fruitful.

Well and irrigation for my farm

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the advice. I will look into it and give you a feedback on how it goes. At the moment iam still waiting for my funds to be disbursed.

Stock of cabbages to sell

Hello lenders am doing great with my business ,and my brothers are doing good and fine to school my God bless you all

Advertise my freelance services

I want to say a big thank you to my lenders for funding my loan.

It'll be used advertise my business to create awareness and get more clients.


Well and irrigation for my farm

Simon, I was just wondering if you would consider selling lemon juice (for people to add to water) instead of soda's? It often quenches the same desire, but is much better for health (& is also still affordable)...

Also, instead of icecream, frozen coconut serves a similar purpose :-) As does something called "sorbet"...

You seem like such a wonderful person, & your other endeavours are great/very admirable :-) I just thought I'd make those couple of suggestions to help with the influence on the community :-)

(It also attracts more zidisha lenders when things are healthy & vegan)

Wishing you all the best with your endeavours Simon :-)
Emma from Australia.

Dairy farm

Thank you once again on track to see that my Dream come true,on the next project.
Thank you Zidisha Family at Large...God bless each and everyone.

Mini truck for transportation of my goods

I made the second repayment of my loan #38830 I took from Zidisha today being 23rd March, 2019. I have sold some of the cashew nuts I bought and made some profits which has helped me a lot to pay some of my bills. I am exceedingly grateful to my lenders. I look forward to more kindness in the future. Thanks

Bespoke tailoring

Thank you so much jochen.

Bespoke tailoring

All the best for your business!

Greetings from Switzerland,


Loan to buy calling cards for distribution

I bought calling cards for the top 3 networks in Ghana and i have distributed to 15 people today, and i will still be delivering to 25 people by next week, to reduce the orders placed for the week. Thank you.

To finance my university education

Loan repayment successfully done and I want to once again say thank you to all lenders and also to Zidisha staffs for believing in me and giving me this great opportunity. God bless you all

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

A big thanks to you all my dear lenders for your sincere understanding. God bless you all.

Shoes and clothes

Thank you my leders. I received my loan of ksh 19,581. I bought men shoes a dozen costing ksh 12,000 and ladies shoes costing ksh6,000. Infact Im happy for your support in my business.

Business booster

Very happy to lend to someone from my old town of Luanshya. :-)

Loan for establishment of my own local oven project.

Hi Augustina,

I wonder if you've ever heard of solar cooking? We do solar cooking in the UK - we even cooked bread in the middle of winter using just sunshine and mirrors, even though the UK isn't the best place for sun!

It's not electric, it simply concentrates heat from the sun using something reflective. A solar cooker can even be made out of aluminium foil and cardboard, but most people don't know about this.

If you're interested, here is a website with lots of information about solar cooking:

Also here are two links to info on how to make a fireless cooker. These are often used with solar cookers, to allow people to keep the food hot until the evenings. They can also be used with any cooking method to save firewood or other fuel.

Purchase quality printer for reprographic work

I kindly don't want to miss any repayment even if I am down financially. I will pay what I have this month and increase as my income increase. That's why I like zidisha!

New printing machines and tuition for phd program

Good afternoon lenders

I recently opened a printing and stationery business. It's coming up so well. I am happy that the business has made me pay the remaining amount so fast over the few months it's been running. Thanks so much for your help. God bless you

Buying new keyboard and paying school fees

my recent photos.thank you

Carrots project

this will also increase my profits

Carrots project

this picture was taken last week after harvesting,

Home construction project

Dear lenders, yesterday at one of my sites, we started casting the foundation concrete for the building! It's a wonderful project am doing and it's been so helpful.
I am currently looking out for new contracts so that once this one runs out, there's something else to be doing.
Find attached photo of yesterday at work.
Thank you all once again for the support! Really appreciate

Sewing accesories

Thank you very much for your support. I have been able to buy the sewing accessories to aid in my sewing business. I really pray your business will continue to grow so that you can continue to support me.

I am really happy to find you everything is simple

Loan to increase stock for my shop

I used my previous loan to set up a business of selling basic household items such as soap, foodstuffs, tissue, sugar etc. It is a small twist from my previous loan usage statement but I wanted to establish a stable business before engaging the online writing business fully. Thank you

Loan to buy calling cards for distribution

Thank you very much my generous lenders and Zidisha staff, i am highly appreciated your support

Tuition for diploma in Fashion

Hi Hureirat,
Good luck with your studies.
Cheers, Jan from Canada

Internet cafe

This is a photo of myself that i recently opened (January 2019) shop i recently opened . Am yet to fill it with fixtures and furniture and stock. Those you are seeing behind me are particle boards used to make computer stands. I really need empowerment to make in this venture..

To buy solar light and kit for resale

Thank you very much Anja. People are always happy of it flexible terms of payment and it is one time investment. Solar is the only way. Sorry for the over due reply.

Purchase of a hairdryer,soft dreadlocks,weaves and hair food

I will use the loan for purchasing soft Dreadlocks, weaves, braids and lotions for my cosmetics shop.thanks alot mr Paul Buchheit for the generous loan.

Get a business license

Thank you lenders for loaning me. I was able to buy a ceiling fan which was fitted in my premises and made a big difference by beating the heat.


I have recieved the loan amount of 1,458GHS and have been able to buy a fridge as part of my business supplies.
May God almighty bless you all and increase you in all you do.
I really appreciate.

To buy solar light and kit for resale

Ok. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Buying stationeries for my cybercafe business

Best wishes for the success of your business

Building materials

I'm going to keep your information and recommend you with all my friends. Thank you so much for the loan

Buying kilos of coffee

Thank you thank you soo much.

School fees payment

I will pay school fees.thank you very much for the loan..I really will assist me alot

Help me produce my cold vita tea formula

Hello my lenders. Your loan is surely bringing a positive change to my business l now have increased my stocks of vita and a reasonable increase in sale.

Purchase of agricultural product (garri)

thank you zinc team once again for believing in me. I used the said loan to buy more fixed agricultural product that is cassava flour (garri).the real amount released was above I manage to buy 10bags.which is now 4500ngn each totaling 45000 .and was sold for 5500ngn.was able to use it three times before returning the loan. need more to be able to buy more because it a business of volumes.

thank you zinc team for the loan. I intended buying tree bags of garri (cassava flour) for retails but after the deduction from the loan am left to buy just one bag at cost of 5500ngn per bag. and the remaining change for my bus mentainace .am looking forward for a bigger loan to be able to satisfy my customers.


Maize farming

I am happy to loan to you again Walter. Best wishes for your continued success!

микрокапельный полив

продвижение и раскрутка