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Inventory purchase

I topped up some other cash and added it to the loaned money and purchased flash disks (about 10 of them). Unfortunately students from the JKUAT University went on strike for about 3 months and when they resumed, the lecturers followed on their strike also. My business was a start up and therefore succumbed to the lack of business at the time. I am sorry that i delayed my money but everyday i woke up with the urge to repay but i had no money.

I am happy i have repaid it at last. Thank you so much to my lender. May God bless you.

Uwezo loan

Your loan was helpful....
Bought other 2 chicken in my farm

Sales display

my onion harvest planted on April,the loan will help me in building a display for sale

Stock for my shop

I live with my mum and other three brothers. We are all students. When i get the last loan, i used it to buy goods to stock my small agro chemical shop. Then used some of the profit to pay the school fees of my brothers and also mine. Also, some of the profit from the shop was used to cater for the whole family. Therefore the loan was of great help to my family.

Clothes for my shop

Hallo,I bought more belts and tops for my shop,it has made so much change because it added my sales and my customers were very happy cause I added a few of the things that were most sales also increased,am hoping to get more loans to enable my stock to increase even earning have increased by 30%.

Favored investment

M so grateful for zidisha. You are doing an awesome and a commendable job by offering an opportunity to enterprenure oriented people to explore on their businesses. Thank you so much.
God bless zidisha

Loan to relocate my pig farm to a safe and hygienic place

Thank you very much lenders you have change my whole life positively about financial. I am not rich like those who built mansions and drive expensive cars but I am happy with my financial status because my children school fees are paid now, I opened a shop for my wife who is hard working, my brothers school fees and my savings are increasing on the zodiacs platform, very soon I will be part of the lending group to also help borrowers who are willing to explore and expand their businesses

Loan to buy sewing materials

Enjoying Business with Zidisha support all the time and i happy

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Lenders, I am very grateful, because with the Zidisha community and capital loan assistance from lenders, my online store went well and the benefits were very helpful for my day and my daughter"s daily life. Today I am back shopping for stock items for models that are much in demand by customers, namely Kimono negligee, I bought as much as 70pcs, with a capital price of approximately Rp. 4,750,000, - around USD 350. I sell retail by taking profits of almost 30%. Thank you very much for the loan assistance provided, so that I can continue to increase the stock of goods sold and get the benefits that I use for my daughter"s future. May we all be in good health. Greetings, Endang

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Dear Lenders,

Saya sangat bersyukur sekali, karena dengan adanya komunitas Zidisha dan bantuan pinjaman modal dari para pemberi pinjaman, toko online saya berjalan dengan baik dan keuntungan yang didapat sangat membantu untuk kehidupan sehari-hari saya dan putri saya.

Hari ini saya kembali belanja stok barang untuk model yang banyak diminati pelanggan yaitu daster kimono, saya beli sebanyak 70pcs, dengan harga modal kurang lebih sebesar Rp. 4.750.000,- sekitar USD 350. Saya jual eceran dengan mengambil keuntungan hampir 30%.

Terimakasih banyak untuk bantuan pinjaman dana yang diberikan, sehingga saya bisa terus menambah stok barang yang dijual dan mendapatkan keuntungan yang saya pergunakan untuk masa depan putri saya. Semoga kita semua dalam keadaan sehat.


Cybercafe & farming businesses

I used part of last loan to buy tent for sun drying maize to reduce rate of spoilage,thus have saved almost three bags that could have gone to waste if I hadn't bought the tents to sun dry the maize.I intend to sell surplus at a later day and venture into a milk bar

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

I want to highly appreciate my lenders who gave me a loan of ksh 2800.
I used the loan to buy more stock of used cooking oil which I do use to make bar soaps.
This will increase my production and also my profits.
I have included a photo of some materials I bought.
Best regards

Purchase of cyber equipment

To day from Schooling... Nice week

Motorbike to ferry eggs/cereals from farm to my store.

Hi lenders that's the motorbike I bought courtesy of the loan I received from Zidisha,I have changed the cover and now it looks like it is new.
The motorbike has really helped me since it enable me to supply 500 trays of eggs per week.
This has enable me to make a net profit of 250 US Dollars per week.

Children's jeans for my clothing shop

I recieved 7500kes on 19th september .I was able to purchase a dozen of boys jeans which cost 500kesh each. my stock got a boost and I know the profit will also increase.
Iam thanking my lenders for considering my request and I know they will assist me again so that I can achieve my goal

Educational supply shop

The loan was used to purchased mathematical sets, note books,assorted pens,permanent and temporal makers,rim of A4 sheets,trunk and chop boxes,casio and scientific calculators,story books for begginers, cartridges for printers and photocopy machines and other educational supply.this purchase has made me stock my shop which has enable me serve the schools around which prevents the students from going to the main market to buy. Through this my earnings have increased about 15% which makes me take care of those needy kids in my community by paying their fees and providing for them. I sponsor a day out for my little girl and her class mates at the golden tulip and they had fun. The interesting thing in suhum is the odwira festival which is celebrated every year during the latter part of the year

Potato farming

Some of the boys I support when I can.

Invetory for the new stands

Dear My Lenders
Thank you for my previous loan.Business was tough but through your funding I have grown my business and I now have two more stands.My revenues have gone up and am able to send my two children to school.Am also advancing my studies through my business and has so far paid part of fees for my decmber exam sitting.
With this application if funded i will increase on the stock and I also want to open another stand on the copperbelt province which has a bigger population and could give me a good business expansion.

Home renovation

It has helped me alot.thanks

Supplying detergents to local schools

Hallo lenders am sorry for being late in my updates.
The purchase has made a difference because i was able to get more customers hence my income has improved.For now i may not be in a position to tell my increased incomes but i will inform you later.
I have used my increased earnings to repay my loan and some for my savings.

Help restore and heal the afflicted

First I would like to thank my lenders for the loan I just completed paying.
The loan made it possible for me to buy stock of some supplements.

One client who had inflamed prostrate had his well being restored in one week.

Another client had his joints repaired naturally in one month and now is able to do his chores again.

My happiness is to see the great impact in the loan has contributed to the restoration of normal life to the afflicted. May the the almighty God bless you and Zindisha

Selling clothing

the brown bucket contains 20 kilogram's of honey that I wish to repackage while the carton contains packed honey ready for distribution

Loan for fertilizer to grow garden eggs (eggplant)

Thank you for always supporting my business

Sales display

made order for over head sprinkler for my farm


I am really interested in this job and I'm looking foward to making a bigger industry where I have 3 or more cars for the job. the more the cars the moee income i earn. this would help increase the profit returns and i can be able to help my siblings and also further my education. I really hope we go a long way together. and I am also looking forward to bringing more aboard this platform.

Refrigerator for my grocery shop

Thanx alot for all the lenders I appreciate having all of u...
This loan,though not enough will topup,will enable me to add fast moving items in my shop..
By doing so,there will be an income generation n will be able to pay the loan

Procuring a machine

Hello lenders and zidisha team
I am very much grateful for your previous loan which was used to purchased some drugs.These has really made a difference in my pharmacy business. I have made progress of about 20% increase, because i am now able to assist my community medically and also take care of my family.
I dearly acknowledge and appreciate your help and support.Thank you
God bless you

Loan to construct a larger,modern chicken house

How you my lenders?
I wish to inform you about my progress, i purchased materials for my morden house for my chicken and have seen a difference of the increase in production by at least 10% And now am using my increase amount to take my children to boarding school and also putting an electicty in my farm. now the community is enjoying the succes as they also expand there bissines like chicken feed and medication.

Fee payment

The previous loan has really improved my livestock business.It helped me to purchase feeds and other requirements in order to improve productivity.I know with your continuous support,am going to attain my economies of scale.

Funds to increased the mobile accessories

I'm very grateful for your previous loan which boosted the purchase of new simcards of safaricom, airtel and Telecom lines,subsequently this would satisfied my customers needs and eventually give me a profit of 20%. Thank you very much my lenders.

Tv series for the disabled (made with a smartphone)

The loan I have just completed assisted me in completing some short films I was making and in the process I was able to realize my life's work and it I noticed that people with disabilities are not represented well in the mainstream media and therefore I am requesting another loan in order for me to come up with two short films targeting people with disabilities as audiences so these will be films by people with disability, for PWD, of people with disabilities. Creating content for a TV in Kenya supporting PWD,

Look at some of my latest work:
I have realised that people with disability are not represented enough in media and therefore I want to create some content targeting people with disability as the main and primary audience. My mission to be the president of Kenya still stands otherwise as of now I am striving to create content for people with disability.

Educational supply shop

As said earlier, I will use the money to buy mathematical sets, foolscap note books which include the small and the big size, story books for beginners, trunk and chop box for secondary school students, permanent and temporal makers, assorted pens, Casio and scientific calculators, catridge for printer and photocopy machines and A4 sheets.

This will help me serve the students around that area to their satisfaction

I would like to use this opportunity to thank my lenders once again for another loan. I am most grateful.

Poultry upgrade facility

Thanks alot my dear lender, Ayse for such great support. I am greatful for receiving the cash. I am still using it for payment of purchase of an incubator that is costing me up to 2,500dollars. I believe you will still continue with this spirit till I fully pay for it. God bless you much abudantly.

Stock for my pharmacy

thanks so much for lending me the loan, it has helped me to improve my stock i.e. purchasing new products and adding those ones that were moving fast. my customers are really appreciating for the hard work have done through you. have also improved my profit margin for last week from 5000 to 5500/=. my family is happy for seeing their shop well stocked. thanks again

Stock for my pharmacy

thanks so much for lending me the loan, it has helped me to improve my stock i.e. purchasing new products and adding those ones that were moving fast. my customers are really appreciating for the hard work have done through you. have also improved my profit margin for last week from 5000 to 5500/=. my family is happy for seeing their shop well stocked. thanks again

School building project

We have achieved and come this far together.This far because you helped all the way. I say thank you all. Lets keep working together.. To the finish.

LPG for my shop

As i said earlier, zidisha loans have made a difference in my personal life. For instance my just completed loan has enabled me to capture more customer in my location hence making a good profit margin. At my point of sale its true that i have a commanding voice of business s8nce my shop is well stocked.

Maize posho mill

I would like to thank you Lenders for the support that you gave me. I was able to harvest 30 bags of beans and 200 bags of maize that i will be able to use as my starting capital in the running of the Maize Posho mill whose funding i am currently seeking. Other earnings from my farming i have used to open a shop that will also serve as the centre for the Maize posho mill. I will not require to hire a new place to run a posho mill from.The shop and the farming all give me an average earning per week of about Kshs.10,000. This has greatly improved my quality of life.
Recently my family and i visited the Mau Ranges, a hilly cold town south of Nairobi.

Children"s school supplies

Thanks to loans from the borrowers. Finally, I can buy a notebook for my child ... thank you very much

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Berkat pinjaman dari para pemberi pinjam.akhirnya saya bisa membelikan buku tulis buat anak saya..terima kasih banyak yaa

Food retail

The loan was of great help to me.I used the loan to buy fresh irish potatoes as highly demanded by my customers.I made 32US Dollars which I used to buy more stock of greengrams as it had gone down and did not want to dissapoint my customers.I now sell irish potatoes in retail and wish to sell in wholesale in near future.

Materials for my tailoring shop

With the loan i have just completed i bought a new sewing machine.In the picture attached is the lady i have helped to meet the demand in my business. She is using the old machine while I am using the new machine.

Purchase of consumables for garage

Dear Lender,

As i had earlier mentioned, i took the first loan to secure employment for my mechanic friend and income for myself as well
Attached is his photo from today at our garage

Milk supplier

I like zidisha it makes my business grow faster

Purchase internet network tools

The amount of 410,416 can make additional capital to buy internet network antenna equipment (WiFi) to new customers. Thanks

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Jumlah 410.416 bisa buat tambahan modal beli alat antena jaringan internet (WiFi) ke pelanggan baru.trimakasih

Loan to purchase materials for jewelry-making

Hello Lenders,
Because of your great generosity, i have managed to open up a stall from where i sell my jewelry in addition to selling online. It has been a long journey , from importing only watches and reselling them at a profit to now include varied accessories. Thank you, i would not have come this far without your help.

Boasting business

Once again my appreciation to lenders,for the their act of participating into my life,particularly in business .The loan did do marvelous into today affairs as the weigh machine helped in away that ,I could be able to do packages and store ready to serve the customer
Andso, have ample time to explore in other field
It also make it possible to employ one person,since accountability in terms of units purchased and sold is achievable
Hence,efficiency is achieved
Thanks to you lenders

Miti pig farm

Check on my progress

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

We embarked on excursion at a town called Kintampo in our region. It was very exciting!

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

I donated ten street bulbs to my community to improve lighting situation today.

Farming beans and vegetables

This is the farm

микрокапельный полив

продвижение и раскрутка