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Carwash services

Thank you! for the funding, Zidisha. You have aided me in attaining my goal in the commercial farming.I will be able to lease more land and buy farming materials.

Construction materials / products

Dear lenders
i have personally received Ksh 37,075,
As per my last conversations i will shift to another location of yard due to on going road construction in my current location .
therefore this will enable me to relocate/ transportation of raw materials and other ready made products in store safely to new site.
Am glad and very much grateful towards the support from my well wishers lenders for the good faith.


Buying a grating machine and a cassava-dough presser

Looks like you are ready for the dry season Stephen. I live in a very dry place and have successfully used cardboard between my rows of vegetables to keep down weeds and to keep the moisture in the ground. I cover the cardboard with wood shavings or wood chips. At the end of the harvest it can be plowed under into the soil. Over time it helps build the water holding capacity of the soil and attracts beneficial earthworms. Regards, Mary

Support my nursery and primary school with tables & chairs

Am very grateful to my lenders and Zidisha team for helping me add classrooms to my nursery school God Bless you.

Purchasing iron sheets for roofing

The loan helped me to pay part of my fee in the university. This really helped to ease my parents who were hard pressed to pay for my fees and also for the other siblings. I therefore, was able to graduate on July 2015. I take this opportunity to thank the lenders and the Zidisha team as a whole. Thanks

New stock for my shoe business

Hello lenders thank you so much for your support I have managed to repay back the loan..It was of great help I do really appreciate.
Thank you

Laptop for online freelancing work

First and foremost, I want to thank you very much for trusting me enough to lend me the money. I am going to save the money until it is enough for me to buy my own laptop that I will use for my transcription work. I promise to put it to good use. God bless you all.

Inventory and rent for my thrift shop

zidisha has been a saviour when my business was going under ,i could not even pay rent for my business premises and was almost been kicked out.However now as i speak an advance rent has been paid for the next six months.

Colour printer

The last loan i acquired really helped me because i bought a photocopier machine for my cyber. I want to take this opportunity to thank my lenders for their noble act my God bless you always. I have applied for a new loan which am planning to buy a new computer which i will use as a workstation. This will increase the number of clients i can handle at the cyber. I want to thank you my lenders as you prepare to fund this noble act. I will forever be gratefull. God blessings to you all.

Beauty supplies for my salon & polytechnic tuition fee

Thank you very much Zidisha for this wonderful platform and all lenders on here . Thank you for your massive support. I have been helped with your previous loan. It had helped me in my business and also in my polytechnic education. I am grateful for coming this far in my education and in business. I am so much happy. God bless you.

Further improve my services

Hi Zidisha Team,
I have up loaded the diagnostic machine which i bought and just arrived recently. Thanks for your assistance it's going to improve my work and make it easier to diagnose vehicles.


With the previous loan i was able to enlarge the size of the land and i was able to make more production of the potatoes, which assisted me expand supply to the various markets around my locality.

Buying a grating machine and a cassava-dough presser

I have bought the watering cans and water gallons to help distribute water to my vegetables

Laptop computers for designing work

Thanks Franmiguel, the loan you lent me really boosted my business and i worked hard to see that i pay it on time.
Once more thanks for your effort you made and here is the fruits of your labour- paying loan installments in time

Expand and restock my retail shop

I take this opportunity to say thanks to all lenders who have funded me. I promise I will not let you down I will pay the whole loan in full.
With the money I will expand my business and restock my retail shop by buying the following items five bags of maize, two bags of rice and one bag of sugar .
Also with the amount I will buy timber to construct shelves in the new room and buy paint then hire an expert to fix everything as required finally pay the rent for the new room for three months.
With this I know my business will do very well and I will make good profit.
Thank you very much Lenders and may the Almighty God bless you.

Purchase addition home used vehecle

Thank you lenders for your awesome support.

Laboratory service

Thank you , I have received an amount of $102.00 which can help me buy Hepatitis B test strips of $30.00,Hepatitis C test strips of $30.00, HepatitisB Vaccination of $50.00 and HIV test strips of $30.00. I really appreciate the loan you have given me because it had really help me improve my service. Thank you

Loan to boost my boutique business

Thank you very much for this opportunity you have given me towards supporting my business am so grateful to you all zidisha lenders Happy New Year and God bless you all.


Upgrading my business.

Thank you so much lenders for once again fully funding my loan. I really appreciate and i promise never to let you down. Blessings to you all and Happy New Year.

Expansion of my farm

Thanks to all Zidisha lenders for giving us great opportunity like this.

Open a new branch

Congratulations on repaying your loan! Many thanks for the excellent messages and photos explaining your business! Best wishes for expanding your vital technology business!

To buy a newer model of "HP OfficeJet Pro" printer for my cybercafé

I'm glad I could help you to expand your business success.

Raise money to buy another computer and employ an assistant

I am looking forward to buying another computer then employ someone that will assist me tackle online freelansing work as now I have my own personal account.The higher I create more opportunities the higher the profits.Its of great pleasure to have my second loan funded hence I take this chance to thank you lenders so much and may God help you

Funds to increase cosmetic products in my salon

Hallo my distinguished lenders.I am so thankful for your dedication towards the success of my business through lending me the loan.I sincerely owe you a lot and I am certain that my business will perform even better.Thank you so much.
I am going to purchase weaves,braids and hair food products for my cosmetics section.Thank you so much once again.

To buy a newer model of "HP OfficeJet Pro" printer for my cybercafé

I am planning to buy a new model HP Officejet Pro printer at a cost of $110.Its a high speed printer and can produce more printing work within a few minutes.This will avoid the kind of jam i have of clients waiting on for the old model printer to finish a job.The printer model i have breaks often and is always creating a vacuum for my business.Its also taking up more money in repairs and maintenance.thank you lenders for trusting me once again for the second loan,it will help me alot.

Setting up an apiary

Hi lenders!
I have just received the cash Ksh 34,603.00 on my phone. Im so delighted and thank the Zidisha family and the lenders for their moral and financial support!
To be honest nothing will ever compare to Zidisha in terms of support and assistance as far as my business is concerned.
Will travel to Kampala, Uganda for the bags hopefully in two days time then will keep everyone posted on the same.
God bless you all for the continued support and belief in me.
Happy 2017 to us!

Bale of second-hand clothes for my boutique & small-scale farming inputs

Ithank all my lenders who funded my loan which will help me buy variety of bales of second hand clothes which will help me have good profits and hence I promise to repay my loan in time to enable them lend others in need much thanks to all my lenders and all the Zidisha team

Purchase a modern camera for my photography business

Am really grateful to all who contributed towards my lending.Much blessings to you all

Farming and trading of cashew nuts

Thanks to my lenders for funding my loan. May God richly bless you. to the zidisha team I say thanks for your efforts.

More computers for cyber and training

Hello, Thanks so much The Zinc Team and Paul Buchheit for your Big Lending Heart.
It has been a big desire of the whole community to bring more printing and internet services home. With my effort i have managed to bring some services and by your help am going to bring more tools e.g printers for both papers and different materials and also buy internet booster/ router for the internet connectivity..

Loan to pay children's school fees, help my wife stock her provisions store, and begin construction of a house

I have started building my house thanks to zidisha for helping me for this loan

Family needs

wao! I cant hide my happiness after I found my loan application fully funded and I have aword of thanks to all my lenders, Craig Newmark, Paul Buchheit and Christine. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you a bundantly so that you can help others too who need help. Thanks again, the money will help me buy some sleeping items for my kids. Thank you all and thanks too to all zidisha members.

Fruits and vegetables for grocery

Thank you Paul Buchheit, The Zinc Team and Paul and Rachel for the loan. Am really grateful. This loan will help me purchase fruits and vegetables for the grocery. May the almighty bless you abundantly.

Purchase new inventory of electrical accessories

Thanks so much kitty for your wonderful and sincere concern about my loan project and funding.

Workshop upgrade

I highly appreciate for receiving your business loan of Kenya shilling 472 on 25th December 2016,i also regret for having send no any comment due to some errors on my email line, I used the cash for buying
1.a [email protected]
2.a tape measure @120 shillings
3.a try square @102 shillings
4.wood chisel @100 shillings

Loan to add more electronic appliances.

I'm highly delighted to my lenders. God richly bless u for helping some of us grow our business. In fact business was good last month and my family enjoyed themselves for the first time.

Loan to expand my boutique.

I am able to expand my shop by buying more goods to fill it.
People get what they need to buy from it.
My earning has increased to about 45%.
My nephew has been passed his exams in the training college.
The Christmas was very interesting over here and we are just in the dry season with cold weather.

Retail shop

hello madam Nancy hull thanks for the concern am improving well my dear am planning to send something today hopefully before the end of the business today,
attached are my updates of the business progress as well .
am very much greatfull towards your support to my progress in life.

Loan to build a greenhouse

Dear lenders, I am very happy to let you know that the loan that I have just cleared did a lot to improve my business.

I increased my M-Pesa float and combined with the clothing and saloon business, I got an increased profit margin of more than 50% above the normal sales that I usually had previously.

This was important to me as I was able to invest in my childrens school books which are expensive in our country and also enabled me to repay my loan faster than I had anticipated.

May God bless you all and I hope that we will continue to be together in the year 2017.

Mercy Mugure.

Purchase two more new desktop computers

Wow! I am so happy with your help good people for your assistance in promoting my business. Thank you so much

Payment of school fees

i received 74ghs from your team and i promise this loan will help me to study well in the school,thank you so much my lenders,God should replaced you with what you lost because of me ,thank you very much.

Getting more goods for customers

This is the kind of soaps I bought with your help.

Buy land to build rooms for rent

Dear Lenders, I hope you are all keeping well and full of energy. My family and I are fine too. Kindly allow me to express my gratitude for your contribution towards improving my quality of life. I thank you for helping me improve my business, without your help I would still be struggling to stabilize but now I am a happy man. I am working more harder to clear my loan as soon as I can. I believe this is the only way to elevate my business and standard of life to even great heights. I thank you once more and appreciate your every continued support not only to me but also to other borrowers in this organization. I wish you and your loved ones all the best in whatever you do. I will still be counting your support when I post another loan. Have a great time and much love.

Expanding my beauty salon

Hi lenders, with the loan from zidisha i will able to buy equipment's for my salon and add beauty products that my clients need more.I believe that the loan will boost my salon and even add other employees for quick service to my clients.The loan will also boost me in paying school fees for my kids.
Am so glad and i really appreciate the good work that zidisha team have been doing .I will really appreciate for the loan from zidisha .Thank you and may God bless you.

Loan to pay tuition for my children.

Dear Lenders,l really appreciate your support, kindness , love and everything you did for me throughout the year 2016.God bless you and l hope you continue to support me throughout the year 2017

Money to build a classroom

Happy new year lenders wish you a prosperous 2017

Investment in clothing market

Am thankful for the loan, I have received $80, I will buy clothing stock to add to my current stock, generally the business will grow under your support, thanks again

Loan for expansion of my provision shop and food retail.

I have received your loan of 1,646 G H S.I used the loan fund to my provision shop and also pay my bills.This loan has enable me to expand my shop and increase my profit margin.This loan has brought a serious change in my business.I thank the zidisha team and my lenders.

A loan to aid in my new provisions shop business

She's beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

- Julia Kurnia, director, Zidisha

Adding selling water to my business

I thanks all my zidisha lender for their support and kindness they have shown to me when i apply for loan. I received four Hundred and seventy Seven Ghana Cedis only (GH. 477). I will used some of the money for my water supply. Thanks to all my lender, God richly bless you all. I love you all.

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