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Loan to buy a laptop with good processing power to work

Hello guys ,zidisha and lenders . Your help has been tremendous and i always appreciate and welcome them . Because of your intervention ,i now have an awesome business i run now have added flyer and banner making which pays very well . Thank you guys

Topdressing fertilizer

I thank you for the loan.

Business expansion

Sincerely speaking working with Zidisha is one of the privilege no one can afford to miss. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. My sincere gratitude to all my wonderful lenders and partners of this platform. You are doing a great work. This loan is basically going to help me continue expanding my business and help boast my business. I believe this is going to help me set up new businesses and create employment opportunities for others as well. I'm so grateful.

My loan

Thanks to all my lenders for their contributions towards me.Most women rely on men for survival but by the help of zidisha l can now also take care of my family.Valued by people in my society. Thanks to my lenders.

Sewing accesories

Thank you very much for yoyr support. I am still in the sewing accessories business. I believe the purchase of these things will help me to really know the progress of the business. I have committed to support others to improve thier by introducing Zidisha.

Thank you John, Marthe and Ray. I look forward in doing business with you

Summer holiday lessons

I do seize this opportunity to express my heart felt thanks to all the generous and benevolent lenders who have empowered me. I now have a venue for my summer holiday lessons after paying the rent of 50,000 naira. I have procured some instructional resources.

Adding stock to my retail shop

Good for today, happy to be with you Zidisha.

Renovating a leaking roof for my business

The money that I was funded the 77000/= I was able to buy Galsheet iron sheets worthy 72,000/= the remaining balance I was able to pay for labour. Other things like nails, timber I was able to sort them out for myself.

Buy new stock

Thank you Lenders for the financial support may you all be blessed Abundantly..


Buy new stock

Hi Gladys! Praying for God's blessing on your business.


I ventured into kola nuts, it was very slow at first since its an entirely new commodity market for me. Made some losses, but over came & am now going ground with it. The beans supply is still on and my weekly profit margin has also increased. Thanks Zidisha for the support.

Cassava planting

I am very grateful to the financial loans zidisha have been granting me. My cassava business is flourishing and has become a profit oriented

Fuel for transportation of solar products to wholesalers

Thank you very much for the loan. God bless you all.

Provide good drinking water

I have received my loan amount of Ghc 109 and I am going to buy the items. Thank you and God bless you all

Youth computer training center

Summer Classes Marketing Ongoing. S.T.E.M related classes and courses available for the long vacation. Thanks for the support all.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

Am very grateful for all your support and help. Am still moving forward and I believe will become great business man soon. Thanks to you all.

Autoshop inventory

Thank very much, I received the loan managed to buy GUD filters, sparking plugs and some engine oils .please keep on supporting us grow in our businesses and will keep on spreading the news. Thanks once again , looking forward for yet another help

Banking agency

Am using it for transaction cash out, cash in with used of point of sale (POS), it will help me by adding me to satisfied my customers.

Business of purchase and sale of electrical and electronics

Good morning Lenders, I wish to increase my installment amount because my business income has increased more than I speculated. I have sold all the items within a short while and made the profits I speculated, but in a shorter period. I therefore want to pay back in a shorter period also with double the amount of installments I had planned initially

School fees for my son

A loan amount of 501 GHS well received as at yesterday. I will invest the loan in my new business and also take care of my son.
Once again I want to say BIG thank you to all my lenders and the Zidisha team for this opportunity. God richly bless you all.

Provide good drinking water

Business is going on well so I give thanks to all zidisha lenders and God bless them all

School for disadvantaged children

Dear lenders our school is doing well. We participated in different ballgames and Music festival this year. We are very excited about that.
We were also visited by Mr Berry sweets company and every child was given a ruler. The headteacher and I were given t shirts and bags for the good work done. The children were given colouring work which they enjoyed very much.


This platform has helped me a lot. I appreciate the developer and the lenders.

Add feeding program to our school

The learner's are really good and happy with the food we bought for them. thanks alot.

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Hi Lenders, I just wanted to keep you updated....Finally this laptop is now fully mine: many thanks to all of you for funding my loan which partly paid for it. It has come in really handy in my work. I am almost in the clear, with the last loan instalment in a couple of days. Thank you again.

Adding stock

Hello lender
Thank you so much for granting me a loan.I received ksh.50,498 which I used to add my beauty stock.
Am so grateful because my business is responding well since I have enough stock.
Thank you and may God bless you.


Buying more computers for selling

Am astonished at your 100% repayment status and am really glad to support anytime. Keep it up.

Expanding my cocoa farm

Hello Lenders, I'm very sorry for not making payments for a long while now,
I want to tell you all that it wasn't by intention at all. I wasn't in Ghana.
I traveled out of the country to Spain for some studies and I'm back again,
I'm so so sorry for the inconvenience that has caused
And I promise everything is going to fine from now.
I pray and hope you all forgive me for this.
Bellow is a pic of me in my travel.
Thank you all.

Connecting power to computers

So grateful!

I received a net of KShs. 23, 100 after the deductions. I am already in the process of getting my place wired up ready for electricity connection with the utility company.

I hope to start making timely payments this week.

Forever grateful,

Buy beautiful materials for making hand-embroidered tablecloths

I confirm receipt of 24097 KES. I have been able to buy rolls of white linen materials and beautiful colors of threads. Below is sample of table mat that I have managed to make. Looking forward to increased profits. Thanks to all the lenders who are supporting me

Business expansion

Once again a big thank you to all lenders of Zidisha and another thank you too to my loan mentor, Christian. This gentleman is one in a million.

The previous loan has added a lot of business benefits to my life. All items and expansion have greatly improved my life of work and I'm expecting more business growth with the passing of time.

Because of the previous loan, my customer satisfaction is about 50% up, average daily clients number has also gone up about 45% and average profit keeps on going up gradually. The market is not fixed but it really made a lot of great difference.

Credit transfer, credit cards for mobile network.

I very big thanks to those who has help in changing my life my God richly bless you.

To pay my hostel fees

Hello my lenders,
I will say thanks for the loan which will be used for paying the rent and thanks for your corporation.
My regards.

Selling locally produced yams

Another picture of my yam farm.

Selling locally produced yams

This is the picture attested to the progress in my yam business,06/07/19.


Expand my sweet plantain & coconut chips business

Keep up the good work and good luck :)

To buy clothes for sale

The loan was very beneficial for the purpose of the loan but I also used it to help assist some Solar Engineers who perform some installations of some Solar Systems in Off Grid locations in rural areas . Below are some of my Field/Solar Installing Agents.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

Loan repayment successfully done for the week. Again, I just want to say BIG thank you to all my lenders for your support and kindness.
God Almighty be your guide and protector.

Orange farming

Thank you so much for your sacrifice and trust to finance my loan application and I promise to be faithful and pay it back in the shortest time possible.
This amount will help me get a water pump and do irrigation for my orange trees and more crops I have in my farm thus increasing my productivity and income as well.
Thank you once again for your generosity and support. Blessings

To boost my milk shop and garbage collection service

Hi lenders. Feeling so excited about how my last loan did to me and my family. To begin I managed to start new business which is beneficial to the environment and country and I. Garbage was an issue to me and neighbouring so a garbage collection and so far it's good business. This has created job to your youth who were jobless and also changed our environment.

Purchase of equipment

another part of what I have been doing.thank you for the has taken me some steps ahead.God bless you.

Youth computer training center

Marketing ongoing. Plans for next school year in motion. Thanks all

Autoshop inventory

Wow, I am short of words. Thank you! Thank you Lenders for funding my loan. You don't know how this will change the face of my business. This loan is meant to buy stock of a product lines that is not stocked but has demand from my customers such as sparking plugs, Toyota Air filters, 5liter Dextron 3 ATF and other products. This will change the face of my business.
Thank you once again

Providing good drinking water in my community

Thank you very much and God bless you

Loan to make my rented room good for goods

I purchased slippers, men shoes, women bags, women clothes and men clothes. It have made my sales a good one and have increased my profit to 20%. I have used the earnings for renovation of my store and also buy a thank you package for all my good customers

Motorbike taxi

Hello Lenders,I first thank you for the loan you have contributed to me,my life has really changed. When i look three years back and where i am today i can say i am doing good.
This include my family and the people i assist on my daily basis like my employee who has motorcycle(tax) and my mum.
Thank you once again.

To buy a bigger power generating plant

Hi, lender! I have made my first installment repayment. And, I am glad at the difference I can see now in my business, with the help of your loans.
We are all glad we can rely on you, thanks alot.

Building, construction and painting

As indicated in the the picture Below, the previous loan enabled me to purchase more paints as well as apron.

Stock of cabbages to sell

I will start by thank you lenders so much for the loan and I really appreciate for the loan that lend me before it's help me a lot

Photo studio project

Presently attending a 5-day workshop seminar on "Training of 10 safehouses in Nigeria".
Me on far left!

Of course I get to build my social work capacity in addition to my entrepreneurship skills!

One luv from me to all Zidisha family.


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