New computer so I can add an employee to my typesetting service

Geoffrey Mureithi

Nairobi, Kenya

8% repaid



Geoffrey Mureithi


, Kenya

On-time repayments

56 weekly installments  •  4%

About Me

My name is Geoffrey Kuira Mureithi and am aged 23 years. I was born on 25th August 1991 in Tumu Tumu hospital in Nyeri county in Karatina. I am the first born in a family of six. I have two sisters and one brother. My sister (Catherine Nyaguthii) is aged 20 years and she studies in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega county. She is currently in her second year. My other sister just completed her O level education and she is waiting to join the university. My brother is in class six studying in Karatina in Nyeri County. I am currently in the university studying Sociology as my major. I am in my forth year waiting to graduate in 2015. My hobbies include reading investment and self help books. I am a prolific writer with a book under my name i.e Think and Grow Rich. I like to do research about anything that interests me for example crime rates, employment. This comes as a result of my studies in Sociology. I love doing business and ever since I can remember I have been conducting small business since I was young. The first business venture I conducted was when I was 13 years whereby I used to sell shoes and clothes that were in fashion. My dad helped me with the capital to start the business but I had to quit when I was about to join secondary school for my O level education. I am really passionate about making profits and investing in business opportunities that come my way. I am planning to start water melon farming which will be a pilot project because I want to start a juice manufacturing company in future.

My Business

I am currently working with a company that specializes in research. I work with which is an online company dedicated to help people with their research work. I conduct research in the areas of sociology and other social science subjects such as social work and community development. I also conduct research for clients who specialize in areas such as marketing, economics and nursing. I have been an academic writers and an article writer for the last for years. This has enabled me to pay my university fees, rent and other miscellaneous costs. Working as an academic writer has enabled me to earn a decent living. In 2012 I started a video game business where people came to play video games. I sold the business after a one year since I had already made some decent incomes from it. I started the business with $150 and later sold it for $ 650. Working as an academic writer at enables me to make at least $350 in a good month. In a low month where there are no jobs, I am capable of making at least $150. Working as an academic writer is very profitable because I do not incur costs such as travel costs. I work online at the comfort of my own home. My monthly costs normally amount to $ 100.

Loan Proposal

The loan that I will get from Zidisha I will use it to buy a new desktop computer to expand my professional writing services as an academic writer. I have been writing for some years now and I think it is time that I expand my business so that I can make more money. The new desktop computer will ensure that I employ one employee because I currently have an inflow of work. Since I cannot work on all the tasks alone, I believe that it is time that I employ one person who will work for me. This will be an excellent opportunity for me because I will give another individual a source of employment whereby he can uplift his financial standards. I will also be able to earn extra income and expand my business. Later on I will further expand my business to employ new people and in turn earn more money.







Stockholm,  Sweden




Connecticut,  United States


Connecticut,  United States


Sarasota, Fl,  United States


Agia Paraskevi,  Greece







Loan Info

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Sep 4, 2014

Repayment status


Repayment frequency


Projected term

54 months

Cost of loan

Lender interest: $149.97 at 9.75% annual rate over 54 months = $65.80

Service fee: $149.97 at 5% annual rate over 54 months = $33.75

Upon joining Zidisha, Geoffrey paid a lifetime membership fee of $9.85.

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