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Credit risk

Pls if this credit risk is not refundable, what is it for? Pls explain to me, I want to know

4 Jul 16

Unable to apply for a loan

Why applying for a loan on the app, the zidisha app request I should pay a one time premium membership fee of 3000 which I did , but still they are...

2 Jul 16

Membership Fee

Why am I being asked to pay membership fee yet I was referred/invited?

2 Jul 16


I went to pay my Loan on time.I went to pay it now.I need high Loan to grow my business

2 Jul 16

My loan

I paid premium services but is not reflecting why

2 Jul 16

Repayment of loan

Hi I have been trying to repay my loan for a while now but it keeps on timing out. This has been happening since the 10th of July. Its really frust...

2 Jul 16

Loan repayment on installations

If I can't repay my loan on weekly basis but payoff all loan on the final week, will my loan chance be affected?

2 Jul 16

Kindly disburse my loan

Dear zidisha team, kindly visit my account and help disburse my loan which has been pending disbursement for some time now. Thank you

1 Jul 16


Dear Zidisha Team, my loan has been fully paid and wanted my Risk Fee pay back to me but it seems the subjects on my HELP page does not include Ri...

1 Jul 16

Premium Membership Limit

Hi Julia What if i opted to pay more in premium membership than the amount am requested to on my credit limit page? Is there a limit? Thanks

1 Jul 16

Change of bank account

I want to change to another bank for receiving and paying back my loans, how do I go about it. Secondly, what is credit risk payment and why is it...

1 Jul 16

How to fully settle loan with risk money

How can I fully settle my loan using the credit risk money? I am unable to repay my remaining loan balance and it is lower than the credit risk mon...

1 Jul 16

Deactivate Account

How do i deactivate my account? I have no loan

3 Jul 16

The thread "Data protection" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

2 Jul 16

Loan Application

Dear goyimei.info. I did not finish my aplication well what do i do next?

32 Jul 15

Not able to request a loan

Can I get my premium services back

1 Jul 15

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