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too much loan cancel wait for a while

Please wait period to create a new loan is when?

1 Nov 14

Members Fund Loan

Hello members. I have a question regarding MFL. When applying for a new loan, there is an option to select the MFL that one prefers. But the questi...

32 Nov 14

Disbursement of loan

I received double of the loan I requested and what the way forward

2 Nov 14


Well..it's a non-interest loan alright..am in my 4th loan,3355/-..that's the one I qualified and the one that was disbursed,but I only got 2350 aft...

6 Nov 14

Baseline limit

Hi I paid a onetime fee for premium limit BT am still been told my limit is 112ksh how will I borrow 5068dat is been show as my baseline limit pls ...

1 Nov 14

loan repayment.

Hi Zidisha. I cleared my loan yesterday and today i received a mail reminding me to repay my loan. What could be the problem? From my account,it st...

5 Nov 14

cant reply my loan

I am experiencing great difficult in the new method of payment. Pay now isn't working on phone

1 Nov 14


Pls I borrowed 4 Ghana cedis, the money is received but it's not reflecting in my zidisha account. In the account it's still pending disbursement b...

1 Nov 14

Loan pending for disbursement

Hello team Zidisha, I requested for a loan of GHC 330 since 3rd November 2018 of which is approved for disbursement but is pending disbursement. Ma...

1 Nov 14

non approve loan

I repay my loan on time but the system didn't approve me to apply for a new loan

1 Nov 14


Hello zidisha team my loan application expired how long does it take to create another loan application. furthermore my credit limit is kshs.5059,...

1 Nov 14

New Payment Button for Mpesa User

I welcome the said free loan payment without extra charges from Mpesa. However clicking the Pay(''Amount'') or Pay another amount buttons we are re...

4 Nov 13

Loan not approved

Any time I apply for a loan my dashboard display your loan was not approved, try again when your dashboard is displayed again to create a new loan ...

2 Nov 13

раскрутка сайтов цена