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loan credit risk payments

Hello I have been using zidisha for sometime now. After approving loan you normally deduct some fees claiming to be credit risk payments. I need...

3 Mar 25

Am not funded with my loan

My loan was not disbursed and my dashboard already showing have get paid Kindly act fast. Seems nobody responding to complain this days

2 Mar 25

loan repayment

i was trying to pay my loan then paid more than my loan how do i get my cash back

2 Mar 25

Premium Payment

Hi guys.i was given a loan of 500+ and i have repaid .my next loan is 613 but i cant access the loan not unless i pay the 1000 for premium registra...

5 Mar 25


Hello team Zidisha It is with regret to inform you that owing to the high cost of taking your loans, I don't intend to continue with Zidisha for ...

3 Mar 25

Premium membership fee

Hi guys,pls i paid for my premium membership fee today,but i paid through my other bank account and not with the Access bank i registered with.And ...

1 Mar 25

Credit risk fee

Dear Zidisha Team, I am just following up on my refund of credit Risk Fee which i applied for sometime back. Kindly advise. Kind regards

1 Mar 25

Premium membership

Hallo zidisha.I repayed for my 1st loan.Then I need another loan only you to charge me Ksh 1000 to advance to premium.If I want to remain on my cur...

3 Mar 25

Loan Pending For review

How long does it take for loan to be reviewed

3 Mar 25

The thread "how to communicate with administration" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

3 Mar 25

have completed my last loan of $30

After payment I was like applying for new loan and it was denied. but later my dashboard just show have been owing 3more repayment which is false ...

2 Mar 24

The thread "Interest in becoming a volunteers" has been moved to the Open Forum forum.

1 Mar 24

lost my phone number

I lost my number which I registered with in zidisha can I use another number to make my installments? and remove the old one which I lost.

6 Mar 24

Repayment of deducted amount at the beginning of loan

I was deducted some amount from the loan I requested before the rest was given to me. When I am done with repayment of loan will that amount be giv...

1 Mar 24

dashboard error

My last loan was 5 repayment and is completed. But dashboard now still showing it remain 3 payment which is error from zidisha side kindly ad...

3 Mar 24

Error on my dashboard.

Please I have made full payment of my loan of which my dashboard must indicate create a new loan but is now pay 58gh

1 Mar 23

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