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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Pengajuan proposal pinjaman terlalu banyak

Apabila pada dashboard tertulis seperti itu, biasanya karena dalam satu waktu/hari Anda membuat beberapa kali proposal pengajuan yang dibatalkan. D...

2 Jul 22 Indonesia

Mau pengajuan pinjaman


1 Jul 21 Indonesia

Lama angsuran

Sekarang pilihan lama angsuran nya di kurangi ya? Misal dlu bisa 20 minggu sekarang hanya 10 minggu

4 Jul 21 Indonesia

10$ question

Hi, I'm new here and I'm amazed and surprised that there are loans of 10$ or there about. Does this 10$ really make a difference? I mean, 10 bucks...

6 Jul 21 Lender Questions


Hello zidisha team,i request that you double check on my account if it still safe,when i write on my support ticket,no reply,my loan also taking lo...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

all the loans have been funded?

Grateful if someone can explain please - has Zidisha's funds covered all the loans?

5 Jul 21 Lender Questions

Profil di tinjau

Sudah 5hari profil saya ditinjau tapi belum ada keputusan sedikitpun keterang via phone atau email dan belum diberi keputusan diterima atau dirijec...

2 Jul 21 Indonesia

Peninjauan yang lama

Permisi mau tanya kenapa ya dengan zidisha sekarang proses peninjauannya lama sekali tidak seperti biasa langsung di publikasikan untuk penggalanga...

1 Jul 21 Indonesia

Profil ditinjau

Pengajuan pinjaman ke 2 profil sedang dlm peninjauan sudah 6 hari masih begitu mohon bantuan''nya

1 Jul 21 Indonesia

Risk payment

Hello, warm regards to you all. Please I would like to know if the risk payment of loans are refunded. After the loans are repaid , shall we be giv...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions


Saya mengajukan pinjaman Rp 15.000.000,00 apa bisa disetujui?

2 Jul 21 Indonesia

Fully funded loan expired

Hi, my loan was fully funded with six (6) more days to go. I accepted the loan and now am told it has expired. What could have gone wrong?

5 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Loan application not visible in projects

I applied my loan today but I can't see it in projects, in my dashboard it shows I still have 13 day left of funding but the project page shows all...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

How to edit my profile picture

Zidisha Dear Adu-buabeng Dominic, We are writing to let you know that your loan application is suspended because the photo you uploaded did ...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

What next

Upon applying for my second loan, my loan was fully funded on the second day. However, the status changed from fully funded to Expired shortly the...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Credit limit

My account doesn't indicate credit limit for my next loan, does it mean I'll not qualify for the next loan?

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Credit Limit problem, CRF and MLF Refunds

I acknowledge the help Zidisha is offering many people, me included. I have taken 3 loans and repaid all of them including the MLF and the new CRF....

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Error message received

After completing my request, I tried confirming and submitting it but I rather receive an error message indicating that there is error in the syste...

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Change of my account number

Hello i would like to ask a request to change my safaricom phone number to a working number.

2 Jul 21 Borrower Questions

Salah bank

Saya mau revisi untuk bank seharusnya BCA bukan mandiri, tadi salah klik

2 Jul 21 Indonesia