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  • Volunteer Mentor
    George Offei
    Agona Swedru, Ghana

    Dec 13, 2017

    I’ve come a long way to believe that some of the problems on this platform are created by some of us the borrowers. At a point in time, we realized that some members were providing false ID information during the registration stage just because Zidisha at the time wasn't asking for upload of National ID. The reasons behind this action still remain unknown apart from linking it to fraud intension. I once reported on this issued and lucky for Zidisha, the system administrators also got to know of this and have started demanding for upload of National ID Card of all members on this platform. This exercise also comes with its now challenges / problems. Just go through the various complain being thrown on this platform all because of upload of members' ID Card.

    Now that members are asked to upload their ID Card, I have realized that, some members ID Card number provided during the registration stage is totally different from what is on their ID Card uploaded.

    My questions to all of us now are:
    Why do we have to provide false information especially in respect of IDENTITY?
    What are the main motives behind such action?
    Are we still going to link this to system / technical errors?
    What do you think Zidisha will do after realizing the differences in ID Card information of members?

    I know the technical team is doing their best in fixing the ID Card uploading problem but please let all do the right thing and stop abusing the system with the little chance that we get. Together, we can make Zidisha grow and achieve its main vision. Put yourself in the shoes of our noble lenders and just imagine yourself being defrauded. How will you feel? Keep the answer to yourself but remember, GOD IS WATCHING.

    God bless you all

    • Patrick Quaye
      Agona Swedru, Ghana

      Dec 13, 2017

      You are on point Bro.
      A word to a wise is enough.

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    • Osei Christopher
      Techiman-b/a, Ghana

      Dec 13, 2017

      What of others that have challenges in their id cards identification system, Ghana in general swapping of pictures in their id is very common, change of names, ages too is common. In this case is the person a fraudster, so think very well on id issues else Zidisha will denied others the right to apply for loan which will not urgar well to the association. The question is those with different id cards who have apply for loan are they paying or not. I per say, I have challenge in my id card , ie swapping of picture but since the loan was given to me I never defaulted any payment.

    • Mary Nyarko
      Agona Duakwa, Ghana

      Dec 13, 2017

      Hmmmmm. That's very bad of us.

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  • Emilio Gacigu
    Kevote Kenya, Kenya

    Dec 16, 2017

    I'm not requested of ID since I have applied first loan
    where after deduction my account received ksh10
    Will I be asked to upload id in the next loan?

  • Simon Sabwa
    Mombasa Freret..., Kenya

    Dec 22, 2017

    When i got the same request to upload my ID asked my self what has happened to the details that i provided? Now i get the point. It is very true being transparent from the word go, adds value to your reputation, Zidisha lenders confidence that they are dealing with the right people for the right purpose.

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  • Simon Gyimah
    Cape Coast, Ghana

    Dec 27, 2017

    The system ask for upload of new ID yet when you click the link, it sends you back to the commencement of the loan application process. If ID cards are needed again, I think it should be sent to the team at the back office. It is a security risk to upload your ID card onto a public forum such as Zidisha

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