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  • Nyarko Gyimah
    Takoradi, Ghana

    Nov 15, 2017

    It is past three business days after paying into the MLF but have not been credited to my account. Which section on my dashboard will I find how to create a support ticket?.

  • Collins Kipchumba
    Mois Bridge, Kenya

    Nov 19, 2017

    Please go to the "help" section on your page and create a support ticket. Zidisha will get in touch with you and solve your issue.


    • Elisphan Kangethe
      Maili Kumi, Kenya

      Jan 20, 2018

      I have sent it through support ticket but with no satisfactory response. For three weeks now. What is the next step?

  • Volunteer Mentor
    Fitri Fauziyah
    Kota Surabaya, Indonesia

    Nov 19, 2017

    Login to your account-klik your name- choose help.

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    Login to your account-klik your name- choose help.

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  • Rebecca Ayim - Mensah
    Cape Coast, Ghana

    Nov 24, 2017

    after choosing help, the support ticket doesn't show.

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  • Rosina Appiah
    Kenyasi Number..., Ghana

    Jan 20, 2018

    choose the option that relates to your problem and write your complain. with yours you will choose payment not credit to account and write your complain. then click on send.

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