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  • Volunteer Mentor
    Gershon Gadri
    Bongo, Ghana

    Jun 5, 2018

    I think zidisha is not fair in dealing with our total credit limit. My limits is reducing drastically below expectations after paying regularly and also reaching a good percentage. It making us loose trust because we cannot pay for what we request the money for because of small amount some of we the trusted and old members get. I think they should consider we the trusted and old members.

  • Volunteer Mentor
    Christian Golo
    Accra, Ghana

    Jun 8, 2018

    Maintain a 90% on-time repayment rate for all installments since joining Zidisha.
    Make the final repayment installment of the current loan on time.
    And hold the current loan for at least a certain period of time.
    Kindly follow your timely repayment so as to qualify for early payment increase
    To remain eligible for this timely repayment increase, you must complete repayment of your loan within a certain period of time set for you, and make at least 90% of your repayment installments on time
    Currently, your on-time Repayments is 89% which is less than the 90%. Kindly carefully read the instruction very well on the page. Wishing you all the best.

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