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    Jonas Okai
    Nkonya Ghana, Ghana

    Mar 19, 2018

    I write to refer to you of my previous notification demanding a refund of my expediting fee;

    Jonas Okai Oct 17

    Dear The Zidisha Team,
    I write to bring to your notice of refund to refund my expediting fee of 53 GHS since my loan could not be disburse within the terms of expediting.
    Per the terms of expediting, the loan is suppose to be disburse within three days which was not meant by Zidisha.
    The loan was expedited and confirmed on 10/10/2017 but was disbursed 17/10/2017.
    Kindly refund my expediting fee since Zidisha could not meet the terms.
    I count on your usual cooperation.
    Thank you.

    Below was the reply from The zidisha Team;

    Ahmad Yunu Oct 18

    Dear Jonas,
    Your expediting fee will refund to you in the next lot of disbursement.

    Kind regards,

    Ahmad Yunu
    Zidisha team

    I will like my previous expediting fee refund of Ghc 53.00 to be added to my current loan upon disbursement when it funded.

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