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  • Jajang Surya Hidayat
    West Java, Indonesia

    Mar 15, 2018

    My status as a VM was unilaterally revoked by the zidisha team (Francesca Centurione) on the grounds that I did not perform the task as a VM. In fact, outside of the app, I and several other mentee continue to coordinate (via the whatsapp group) and comment on the profile column of people who are in debt (but my comment never shows up on their profile column). It does not matter to me about the revocation, which matters to me is, I need an explanation of where is my fault? Please inform.

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    Status saya sebagai VM dicabut sepihak oleh team zidisha ( Francesca Centurione) dengan alasan saya tidak menjalankan tugas sebagai VM. Padahal, diluar aplikasi, saya dan beberapa mentee yang lain terus berkordinasi (melalui grup whatsapp) dan berkomentar pada kolom profil orang yang sedang menunggak hutang (tetapi komentar saya tidak pernah muncul pada kolom profil mereka). Tidak menjadi masalah buat saya terkait pencabutan tersebut, yang menjadi masalah untuk saya adalah, saya membutuhkan penjelasan tentang dimana letak salah saya ? Mohon informasi.

  • Indonesia+Anglophone C.L. & Team Lead for 2 Indo C.L. Teams
    Scotch Plains -..., United States

    Mar 16, 2018

    Your status as a Volunteer Mentor has been revoked because we asked you several times to give us more information about mentees assigned to you and you kept posting the same message, slowing our workload down.
    Being a VM implies responsibilities and passion for Zidisha mission. We ask something more that the simply copy pasting the same message for several mentees and several times, even more if your review can affect the status of the mentees.
    You can also find the same explanation in the reply to your Support Ticket, sent to you yesterday.

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