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  • Volunteer Mentor
    Njoku Desmond Uche
    Madina Ashale B..., Ghana

    Feb 26, 2018

    Greetings to all for the great service's .pls I have been posting my loan for funding since last year but not founded.
    But I currently check today is 12,% funded and will Expired in five days time still not fulyfunded please help me to get my loan fully funded

  • Edwin Mmwacha
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Feb 27, 2018

    I was not aware of the guidelines Mr. Joost we'll stick to them. Thanks for the tip.

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  • Country Liaison
    United States

    Feb 27, 2018


    During any time that a borrower has a loan request posted for funding, a borrower can ask for lending funds from lenders by posting a message on his/her own Discussion page. (Please keep in mind, though, that it's usually not a good idea to post messages frequently for that purpose. One or two posts like that, if any at all, per loan funding, probably is a good "rule of thumb".)

    --> Discussion pages are mainly for borrowers to communicate with lenders about the progress of their project, and about other aspects of their lives if they wish. It also is a place for lenders to communicate about their own lives, as well, if they choose to share.

    Volunteer Mentors also send in comments for publication on their mentees' Discussion pages to update lenders about their attempts to contact a borrower (and/or their attempts to contact the borrower's references), if, for example, the borrower's scheduled payment is late.

    Borrowers themselves also can use the Discussion page to let their lenders know why they are reducing or increasing the amount of their installment, or why they are late with a payment, or to communicate to their lenders that they've made a payment which the Staff has not yet posted to the account, if the payment hasn't appeared there after three full business days. (Zidisha's official business days are Monday through Friday, U.S.A. Eastern Time-Zone.) Whenever mentioning a payment to lenders, only the amount paid & the date paid should be mentioned. All other details should be sent in to the Staff on a Support Ticket.

    --> Note that the borrower Discussion page is *not* the correct place to ask the Staff for help.
    --> (Although some Staff members also are lenders, most lenders are *not* on the Staff.)
    --> (Lenders cannot help you with your account.)

    --> A support ticket always is the correct place to ask the Staff for help with *account-specific* inquiries.
    --> Visit the "Help" link in your account to create a support ticket. (First, read the "NOTE" section below.)

    Anytime a member of the Staff happens to notice borrowers or VMs (or lenders) asking the Staff for help on borrower Discussion pages--(which, btw, are not monitored on a regular basis, the way that Support Tickets are)--they are supposed to direct borrowers and VMs to send in a SUPPORT TICKET for any *account-specific* inquiries, and are supposed to direct borrowers and lenders to the FORUM for any *general* inquiries, in order to avoid confusion about where the correct places are for borrowers (or lenders) to ask for help.*

    *(The VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS are if the borrower cannot access his/her account due to a technical bug, or if the lender needs to communicate any sensitive information, then ONLY IN THOSE CASES, the individual should be directed to send an email to "[email protected]".)


    Please see:
    "...If you need direct assistance from Zidisha staff, you may use the Help page of your account to create a support ticket."


    The Forum is intended only for *general* inquiries.

    As Joost mentioned, please read the Forum Guidelines:
    "...Prohibited use of the Forum includes: advertisements or promotions, including appeals to fund one's own or a friend's loan application; appeals to Zidisha Staff to expedite loan review or take any other action; any non-public personal information, such as private email addresses or phone numbers..."


    Please see the attached screenshots of:

    - the drop-down box of reasons (created by Julia) (Zidisha's Director) for declining a post for publication in the Forum (one of those listed reasons is "Appeal to Zidisha Staff", which I have selected as an example); and

    - the default reply (created by Julia) for the "Appeal to Zidisha Staff" reason for declining the post for publication. (We are allowed to modify the default reply, which I often do, to provide more detail about why it's declined, the correct place to submit the inquiry, and the need to be patient for a response from the Staff and why that is.)**

    **NOTE: Whenever a borrower is re-directed from the Forum to create a Support Ticket, if there is no subject option available for the specific topic, the borrower still can send in a ticket about a different topic (choosing something close from the topic selections, if possible; or just choosing any subject if nothing close is available), and then type the concern and/or the question in the space provided.


    Any particular borrower's account-specific issues that have appeared in the Forum have appeared publicly in the Forum only because of errors on the part of newbie staff members who unfortunately allowed publication of those inquiries when they shouldn't have done so. (Only the Director can delete other people's posts from the Forum, and she does not usually have time to do that.)

    Apologies for any confusion.

  • Juli Anawati
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Jun 7, 2018

    I have made the payment paid from 01 June 2018 but why until the date of June 7, 2018 I have not been able to repay the data and get an email to pay the bill, while I have paid it

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    saya sudah melakukan pembayaran lunas dari tanggal 01 juni 2018 tetapi kenapa sampai tanggal 07 juni 2018 saya belum dapat data pelunasan dan mendapat email untuk membayar tagihan , sedangkan saya sudah membayarnya

    • Volunteer Mentor
      Fitri Fauziyah
      Kota Surabaya, Indonesia

      Jun 7, 2018

      Hello Mrs July, Sometimes it takes 3 working days, Monday-Friday time for payment of Zidisha installment is recorded. My advice, should you make a help ticket. Please login your Zidisha account select help or click this link, select unconfirmed payment by finding information: 1. Transfer date: 2. Nominal transfer: 3. No VA BNI: With attach the transfer proof. Since the majority of Zidisha staff speak English, Please use standard Indonesian language for Google to translate well. Ticket assistance is usually replied within 3-5 business days, Monday-time United States. So please be patient waiting for an answer from Tim Zidisha. thanks.

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      Halo Ibu Juli,

      Adakalanya dibutuhkan 3 hari kerja, senin-Jumat waktu Amerika untuk pembayaran angsuran Zidisha tercatat. Saran saya , sebaiknya ibu membuat tiket bantuan. Silahkan login akun Zidisha anda pilih bantuan atau klik link ini , pilih pembayaran belum terkonfirmasi dengan mencarikan informasi :
      1. Tanggal transfer :
      2. Nominal transfer :
      3. No VA BNI :
      Dengan melampirkan bukti transfernya.

      Karena mayoritas staff Zidisha berbahasa Inggris, Mohon gunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baku agar Google dapat mentranslate dengan baik. Tiket bantuan biasanya dibalas dalam waktu 3-5 hari kerja, senin-jumat waktu Amerika. Jadi mohon bersabar menunggu jawaban dari Tim Zidisha.
      Terima kasih.

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    • Country Liaison
      United States

      Jun 16, 2018

      This type of inquiry should not have been allowed for publication in the Forum. Apparently, a newbie staff member allowed it in, in error.

      Thank you, Fitri, for correctly directing Juli Anawati to send in a Support Ticket.

      Juli Anawati, please see:

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  • Dewanto Koewinandaru
    Malang, Indonesia

    Aug 10, 2018

    hi Laurie when can I start taking a loan again because on my dashboard it says "Sorry your loan was not approved. You are welcome to try again later with a new application" thank you

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    hi Laurie
    kapan saya bisa mulai mengambil pinjaman lagi
    karena di dasbor saya tertulis " Maaf pinjaman anda tidak disetujui .Anda dipersilakan untuk mencoba lagi nanti dengan aplikasi baru "
    terima kasih

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