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  • Frank Abuy Omurwa
    Kisii Town, Kenya

    Feb 24, 2018

    my loan is yet to expire for the 3rd time with 0% funded. So disappointing and so discouraging.

  • Volunteer Mentor
    Geoffrey Waweru
    Miti Mingi, Kenya

    Feb 25, 2018

    Also mine is third time application and still at 0% Funded...wondering where is the weakness with my applications

    • Joost
      Noord Brabant, Netherlands

      Feb 25, 2018

      I can’t find any weaknesses in your loan request. Maybe you could split the amount you ask in two separate (sequential) loan requests and also reduce the loan duration. This makes it more attractive to lenders.

      • Volunteer Mentor
        Geoffrey Waweru
        Miti Mingi, Kenya

        Feb 25, 2018

        Thanks a lot Brother...I will exactly do that

      • Volunteer Mentor
        Ahmed Bishir
        Techiman, Ghana

        Feb 26, 2018

        Dear Joost, I have considered your advice. I just reduced the amount I requested. This is the fourth time I have applied for this particular loan and I hope with your help this time my loan will not get expired without being funded. Thanks.

      • Joseph Saaquah
        Accra, Ghana

        Feb 28, 2018

        Hello dear Joost, I would love to know how to split the amount I want in 2 loan request. As I know if I request for a loan and haven't finish paying, I can't ask for another or am wrong?.
        Your responds would be highly appreciated.
        I would also love to know what am lacking in my loan application.
        Thank you.

  • Pauline Wamuchwa
    Eldoret, Kenya

    Feb 25, 2018

    I have also been applying since early January and today is 8 days left with 0 funded.The 1st one expired with 9%funded and was returned to lenders, 2nd expired while waiting approval and am now hoping that this time I will be remembered.never give up as was announced by the director that after expire,you can apply as many times as you can.It is so discouraging but let us hope for better.

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  • Eric Boadi
    Nobekaw, Ghana

    Feb 25, 2018

    I am also having the same challenge. This is my seventh loan proposal but it is 0% funded. I started creating this loan proposal in the second week of November, 2017 but has expired for six consecutive times. Now, it is left with only 5 days to expire again. In fact, I am now confused and do not know what to do.

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